Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Mini-Vacation Up North, Stalled down State

Well school is over and Environmental Science is a thing of the past..although the "A" stays on your transcript forever :-)

Taking a summer class is both a good and bad thing.
The good thing is your class is over in 8 weeks instead of 16! YEAH!!
The bad thing is you find yourself wishing for the end, which is ALMOST the end of summer too! :-(

Well I haven't had a vacation allllllllll summer so I decided to head up North.

Hiked the Manistee River Trail around Mesick and Jordan River Trail, by Mancelona. Magnificent scenery. Michigan is such a beautiful state......a beautiful state with a very uncertain future.

If the Repubs can hang tough, my beautiful state may have a fighting chance, if not, then add Michigan to the list of states ruined by liberals (our current Governor, Jennifer Granholm). High personal and business taxes, expensive government entitlement programs.......well you know the rest...its almost impossible for me to talk about anything to do with Michigan without talking about her extremely precarious position...I LOVE Michigan and I will continue to fight "the good fight" against those who want to turn into the "Massachutes of the Midwest" but more about THAT in another post...

Meanwhile back at the ranch.....I have had a few more showings but no offers....seems MOST buyers have a house themselves to sell soooo I am stalled, waiting for a buyer, waiting to see if my school voucher for classes in my new "career", Home stager/ReDesigner will be approved, waiting for a part time job to open up waiting to buy the perfect rig...think the Lord is trying to teach me patience??

Hmmmm could be or could be its just life and the "learning" comes from the reaction to our circumstances. Faith & joy in the Lord or dissatisfaction. Its a choice, fruit of the Spirit or "fruit" of the flesh


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