Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The God who is More than Enought...

Well quite a bit has happened since my last "pity party" post

Its really been a time of testing and learning.

Several days after posting, I found out the neighbors across the street sold their house. It had only been on the market 3 weeks and they got a good price! She said to me," I know we made the right decision now, I have a real peace"

Well I felt like I had been slapped across the face!
I went home and cried.
I asked the Lord, "Why did you give them my miracle!?"
I have been telling people that with You nothing is impossible, not them!!"
They don't even know You!"

I was hurt and angry with the Lord

Well I decided I needed to get out of there and I took my dog for a walk in the woods.

As I started walking I made a decision....I decided I was just gonna praise the Lord, out loud, rebuke the devil, telling him to take his hands off the sale of my home!

I repented asking the Lord to forgive me for doubting his goodness. I did this off and on during my walk as I was in a real battle for my thoughts and feelings with the father of lies, satan

Of course I started feeling better,encouraged, stronger.

About half way going back I got a call from my realtor saying I had a showing Monday and she was bringing someone the next Monday!!

After almost a month this was my first showing!

The Lord was encouraging me!

The "moral of the story" is learning to put into practice what I have learned and know, Consistently

To praise Him in everything, never doubt His care and concern, submit it all to Him because its all about Him.

Know that you are in a battle, it in the mind and emotions, (which for us women is natural) Use the Word, do battle out loud, faith comes by hearing and you believe that you say!

Of course I know the battle is ongoing, I still need to sell, I still need a some kind of job and just life however I feel like
I got a break through here and another thing....

He showed me how blessed I am to have friends, who will support me, pray for me and send me encouraging word * and stick by me, knowing me and my faults and loving me juch the same.
It means so much to me

* Proverbs 25:11
A word aptly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver.

The Lord is so good!!

Oh btw I did get the feedback from my showing this Monday....they raved about the house!

The husband was looking and he wants to bring his wife back this Sunday at my Open House so who know?

However wheter they are the buyers or not and I know that my God loves me and has a plan for me, to give me "a future and a hope"

My faith in Him doesn't depend on outcomes.

It is grounded in Who He Is.

So let everything that has breath give Him praise....

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

How long is the shelf life of a dream?

Have you ever been in a place in your life where you feel that anything that could be against your dream is aligned against you?

I thought so. Its a club where nobody wants membership

Well evidently my membership came up for renewal...

The "fickle finger of fate" and the "handwriting on the wall"
have conspired to keep me trapped here, for I don't know how long
The Lord does but so far He isn't telling.....Of course He still is in the miracle business but usually He sees you through circumstances instead of taking you out of them

I unsubscribed to some of my RV Forums today, stopped receiving the "Daily Digest" of the other two

I have to put my dream of full time RVing on the shelf, its too frustrating to find a nice little rig like the New Horizons I just found and can't do anything about it
Too frustrating to read about everyone travels and adventures
I feel like I am on the inside looking out. My nose pressed against the glass watching the other kids play

Nope I just have to put it all on the shelf until that day when my house does sell, tomorrow or 3 years from now...who knows?

So the question is, "Now what?" ...To look forward to, to dream about, to make plans

I don't know. I really don't know
I am fresh out of dreams and "exciting" goals at the present time....*sigh*

Life just stinks sometimes!

BTW...More "good news" from the Twilight Zone where I reside helping to fuel my present melancholy

Area home sales slide in June

Evening update
Jeremy W. Steele
Lansing State Journal

The Lansing region's housing market continued to slump in June, with home sales sliding nearly 29 percent.
There were 435 houses sold in June, according to the Greater Lansing Association of Realtors. That's down from 610 in June 2006.
The average sales price fell nearly 9 percent to $156,234 last month. That's down from $171,375 one year earlier.
For the first six months of the year, area house sales are down 13 percent. For the first half of 2007, 2,114 houses were sold, according to the association's data. That's down from 2,429 one year earlier.
The year-to-date average sales price for 2007 is $145,555, down 7 percent from $157,183 last year.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Senate and House Re-introduce Massive Amnesty for Illegal Aliens Working in Agriculture

Senate and House Re-introduce Massive Amnesty for Illegal Aliens Working in Agriculture

AgJOBS bills, which would provide amnesty to illegal alien farm workers, were re-introduced in the Senate and House. S. 237, S. 340, and H.R. 371 – sponsored by Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and Rep. Howard Berman (D-Calif.) respectively – would identify “vacant” agricultural jobs that could be filled by as many as 1.5 million illegal aliens and new foreigners over five years.

Click here to read a brief overview of the AgJobs amnesty

Under the provisions of these bills, illegal alien farm workers would be able to obtain a “blue card” granting temporary legal status for themselves and their families if they could show they have worked in the U.S. at least 863 hours or 150 work days (5.75 hours constituting a work day) during the preceding two years. Subsequently, to apply for legal residency, they must demonstrate that they have worked in agriculture here: (1) 100 work days per year each of the first five years following enactment; (2) 150 work days per year each of the first three years following enactment; or (3) over the course of the first four years after enactment, 150 work days per year for three of those years and 100 work days for the other.

The Senate passed AgJOBS legislation as part of its “comprehensive” immigration bill (S. 2611) last May, but the measure died when the House refused to take it up before adjournment. In addition, both the House and Senate saw stand-alone AgJOBS measures (H.R. 884 and S. 359) introduced during the 109th Congress.

Widely touted as a “guest worker” proposal, AgJOBS is an amnesty that would reward people who have violated U.S. immigration laws, and it would invite past violators to return to and encourage new illegal aliens to enter the United States. “AgJOBS is unpopular with voters and costly to taxpayers; it will encourage illegal immigration, invite fraud, and overwhelm adjudicators without providing a stable, legal agriculture workforce,” said Roy Beck, executive director of NumbersUSA.

Amnesty for estimated 3 million

Of the 1.2 million illegal aliens currently working in agriculture, an estimated 860,000 plus their spouses and children could qualify for this amnesty, so the total could reach three million or more.

Past amnesty for agricultural workers failed

The 1986 Special Agriculuture Worker (SAW) amnesty showed that when illegal aliens working in agriculture are given green cards, they leave agriculture for other higher-paying occupations. And any form of amnesty entices hundreds of thousands of new illegal aliens, some of whom will work in agriculture, to enter thus continuing to depress wages in all fields including agriculture.

Bill would doom agricultural workers to poverty

AgJOBS legislation would ensure that agricultural workers will never be paid more than minimun wage. Furthermore, it would ensure that taxpayers continue having to subsidize the workers and their families by providing public benefits of education, emergency health care, and income supplements (including tax refunds) for the workers and their families.

Agricultural workers already unemployed

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 107,000 American agricultural workers were unemployed in April 2004. Furthermore, low-skilled workers, many capable of agricultural work, have been the hardest hit by the recent high unemployment. The unemployment rate is almost a third higher for those American workers without a high-school diploma. In February 2004, Alan Greenspan announced that America has an oversupply of low-skilled, low-educated workers. (“Greenspan Calls for Better-Educated Workforce,” Washington Post, 21 February 2004).

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