Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Reality Check for UAW Leaders

Ron Gettelfinger, UAW President. In a fire and brimstone speech that would have been appropriate 20 years ago, but is woefully out of touch with today's realities, Ronnie G. told 1,500 UAW representatives who were gathered in Detroit that "Our union does not want to strike, but when employers act as if collective bargaining is a one-way street, not a two-way street, then we will do what we have to do."

Strike? Ahem, Ron, we hate to break it to you, but your side of the "two-way street" has been blown-up for good. You can do the rabble rouser routine for the short-term gratification it brings from your back-slapping membership, but it's all just sound and fury signifying absolutely nothing.

The question before you and your membership, despite your out-of-touch posturing and grandstanding is this: Would you rather have jobs with reduced wages and benefits - or no jobs at all? It's a clear-cut decision that seems to be totally lost on you, Ron, but you and your membership better get religion real soon, or it's going to get much worse - with no "better" any where to be seen.

As a recent GM retiree I could not agree more with the "Autoextremist"

I hope that Mr. Gettlefinger is only making noise for the benefit of the Union kool aid drinkers or all of us GM employees and retirees are in big trouble!

Monday, March 26, 2007

One Step Closer to the Road

Well today's my birthday and today is the day the FOR SALE BY OWNER SIGN goes in the yard!

I decided to wait until my birthday as a symbolic gesture that selling my house will my birthday gift to me!!

BTW I also won, at the Home& Garden show 4 free hours of moving from the local moving company!

Now I usually don't win free stuff so I am taking as a sign...

However I am not fooling myself.
Selling by owner in a buyers market is a REAL challenge!

I have done all I can to prepare my house and have a marketing plan.
The rest is in the Lord's hands and I will give Him all the glory for the sale, knowing the difficulty.

However I will plug the site where my house is listed:

So if your looking for a house or know someone looking for a house, I know a great one listed there!!

Although, its kinda ironic that your house will never look better than when you are selling it! Almost makes ya want to keep it....almost

But the road beckons and I am itching to answer!

More to follow...

Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Joy of being Retired

Working people frequently ask retired people what they do to make their days interesting.

Well, for example, the other day I went downtown and went into a shop. I was only in there for about 5 minutes and when I came out there was a cop writing out a parking ticket. I went up to him and said, "Come on, man, how about giving a retired person a break"?

He ignored me and continued writing the ticket. I called him a "Nazi." He glared at me and started writing another ticket for having worn tires. So I called him a "doughnut eating Gestapo." He finished the second ticket and put it on the windshield with the first. Then he started writing a third ticket.

This went on for about 20 minutes. The more I abused him, the more tickets he wrote. Personally, I didn't care. I came downtown on the bus and the car that he was putting the tickets on had a bumper sticker that said "Hillary in '08."

I try to have a little fun each day now that I'm retired.

It's important to my health.

Friday, March 23, 2007

GOP checks Granholm!

GOP slices budget, rejects 2% excise tax YIPEE!


LANSING — Senate Republicans on Thursday passed a $34-per-student cut for schools, then voted for hundreds of millions of dollars in cuts to local governments, community corrections, health care and other programs after deciding Gov. Jennifer Granholm's proposed spending rollbacks didn't go far enough.

The cutbacks are unlikely to pass the Democrat-controlled House or be approved by the Democratic governor.

The GOP cuts are "bad for Michigan citizens," see below for some of these "bad" cuts Granholm's spokeswoman said. Senate Republicans also voted down Granholm's proposed 2 percent tax on most services.
Thank goodness! GOP to the rescue!
Granholm wants to bring in more tax revenue through the tax, A liberal wanting to raise taxes? ZZZZZZZZ
which would start June 1 and raise about $1.5 billion a year.

"We've been listening to the citizens of the state who've repeatedly said 'no' to new taxes," said Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop, R-Rochester.
Yet they voted for Granholm? Tis a mystery
The Senate took up the tax bill Thursday and defeated it on a 22-16 vote. Sen. Glenn Anderson of Westland was the only Democrat who voted against it. Good for Senator Anderson

About the only place where Granholm and Senate Republicans saw eye-to-eye was on an executive order she issued Thursday afternoon. It included $344 million in cuts and other changes, which would cover more than one-third of the $940 million shortfall in the state budget.

The Senate Appropriations Committee approved the order Thursday afternoon.
It includes cuts in day care services for children of welfare recipients, long-term care services, training for new prison guards, foster care payments, job training grants, for whom? and the state library. ok I love to read but how many taxpayers actually use the state library on a consistent basis?

Senate Republicans didn't present their final list of $255.3 million in cuts, cutting more fat not tax increases and other changes until 7:30 p.m. Thursday, drawing the ire of Democrats who said they were being given no time to study the cuts before being forced to vote on them.

It was the first time Senate Republicans had revealed their entire list of cuts after insisting that the shortfall be dealt with through spending cuts and other changes. Granholm criticized Republicans for relying only on cuts and accounting changes to fill the gap, Gee wouldn't it be nice if when you got in a pinch you could just go over to your neighbor and demand money? However as a responsible adult, you make the necessary cuts and changes needed to pull yourself out of debt. Why shouldn't we expect the same from our elected officals??a criticism echoed Thursday night by Sen. Liz Brater, D-Ann Arbor.
"I'm not surprised it took you so long to unveil these cuts," she told GOP senators. "I'd be embarrassed, too."

The Republican plan would restore money to avoid state police layoffs, ok now this is a "crucial service" but took aim at other programs that have drawn GOP ire: An investment fund intended to encourage the growth of high-tech and biotech businesses; the Healthy Michigan Fund intended to improve residents' health; and state subsidies for adult home care workers in some counties.

Community health workers' wages would be cut, and welfare and food stamps would be reduced. I don't eat for free, do you? Its a reduction. The statutory portion of state revenue-sharing payments to cities and villages would drop nearly 10 percent. So it will up to local citizens of these cities and villages to determine where to cut their own fat. Many state departments, the Legislature and the judiciary would be cut 4 percent.

Bishop said he realizes some of the proposed cuts are unpopular but added: "We cannot afford everything we want."
Could we shout this from the rooftops!!!

It's unclear if Democrats, who control the House, will approve the governor's executive order. Dan Farough, a spokesman for House Democrats, said the caucus and Granholm are united in wanting a broad solution that will head off year-after-year budget bailouts.

The state faces a shortfall of at least $1 billion in the budget year that starts Oct. 1. But yet the Democrats are unclear?! But how Thursday's executive order fits into that equation is not as clear, at least within the 10-day timeframe that the House Appropriations Committee has to vote on it.

"Whether the executive order is passed in the current timeline or is incorporated as part of an overall, complete solution is still being decided," Farough said.
Oh yeah we can afford to stall while you liberals try to cook up a new way to slip in a tax

House Speaker Andy Dillon, a Democrat from Wayne County's Redford Township, said during a Thursday news conference with Granholm that he plans to offer fresh ideas See comment above when House Democrats draft their plan in the next month to deal with this year's deficit and the budget for the next fiscal year.

He wouldn't say if they'll support the service tax, although most Democrats say a tax increase of some kind is needed to protect crucial state services. Ok who sees daycare for welfare recipients and the state library as a "crucial state service"?

Senate Democrats repeated that criticism during the debate on the per-pupil cuts, which reduce total school aid by about $57.4 million.
"We should be thinking about we can invest in public education, not how we can take money away from kids in public education," said Sen. Ray Basham, D-Taylor.
Are you kidding? Michigan spends more than the national average on education and is fourth for teacher's salary! Good grief, parents should be demanding more results considering the money they spend now!

Republicans countered that it was a small amount for schools to have to make up in the two months remaining in the school year and that a tax increase this budget year was unacceptable. AMEN! Some districts have warned they'll have to lay off teachers if their state aid is cut at this point in the school year.

The decrease would drop the minimum per-pupil grant from $7,085 to $7,031, although some school districts now get more than $12,000 per student. That's $12,000, per student taxpayers!!! Holy Moly! It's unlikely the cuts to K-12 schools will pass the House or be approved by Granholm.

The Senate plan would resolve most of the $377.4 million shortfall in the $13.1 billion school aid budget by making accounting shifts in how retirement funds are counted and refinancing debt. Now were talking! Granholm hates this as she is beholding to the teacher union and MEA, and most of any new increases in funding for education would never see the classroom but would instead go for funding teacher's pensions. It also would make small cuts in categorical grants and in support for intermediate school districts.

The school spending bill passed 20-18, mostly along party lines. Sen. Roger Kahn of Saginaw was the only Republican to join Democrats in voting against the bill. BOO Sen. Kahn

Granholm's executive order also postpones millions of dollars in payments to universities and community colleges, and changes the way the retirement of their employees and state workers are calculated for accounting purposes.

Mike Boulus of the Presidents' Council, which represents the 15 state universities, said schools could deal with delayed state support until the new budget year starts Oct. 1. But he's a little worried about whether the state's ongoing budget woes will enable it to pay the money then.
"It's a small price to pay to help the state — if in fact we get our money back in October," Boulus said. "If we don't, that could be an issue."

Well at Lansing Community College they could start by cutting some of the inane classes and then require students to take American history and government to get their Associates Degree instead of ridiculous core classes like"diversity in the work place"

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

When Liberals Attack

Vandals struck Republican U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers’ Lansing offices Monday night, (3.18.07)slopping red paint on the building, spray-painting slogans on the sidewalk and gluing the front door lock shut.

Large globs of red paint covered a sign on the front of the building displaying the congressman’s name.

A “Support our Troops” sign also was hit with red paint.

A poster pasted to a window facing Michigan Avenue read,
“Rogers: There is blood on your hands.”

Radical moonbats must not have heard that Rodgers has backed away from his support of the war in Iraq, saying, "He said he opposed a plan to send more than 20,000 additional troops and said in a speech on the House floor, “We’ve made some devastating mistakes in Iraq.”

I think what this town needs is an another

"Support Our Troops" Rally!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

BEFORE you Purchase, Research, Research and Research some More!

I have been researching various kinds and models of RVs and the RVing lifestyle for over a year now. I have learned a lot. However If there is one thing that I would like to impress on those of you thinking of getting into RVing is research, research and research BEFORE purchasing.

Part of my research involved joining various RV Forums. And I can't tell you the stories of regret I have heard because they didn't bother to do their homework prior to purchase!

As I discussed earlier, the main thing for you to settle is what kind of camping do you want to do. Part-time, full time, parks, or boondocking, or both parks and some boondocking?

You need to know that to determine the best kind of RV for you.
If you want to do a lot of boondocking than you won't want a large Class A as you wouldn't be able to get into those remote sites. You would want something smaller and easy to maneuver.

Once you determine your "style" of camping, you can then move on to deciding the model and brand.

As I said RV forums are a great source of information from RVers. You can ask questions about certain models and brands.
Sites like and cover a wide range of topics. In addition,, a huge national RV club has a Forum also.
Another good source of information is
A RV Consumer group that rates products

Magazines like TrailerLife and Motorhome are good sources of information for the beginner.

Moreover, you can attend RV Conferences. I attended a Life on Wheels Conference, "offers present and prospective RVers the opportunity to learn the most up-to-date information about RVs and the RV lifestyle."

I also attended an Escapees Escapades, "week-long seminars on RV living with such a variety of lectures and workshops that even an experienced RVer will come away with new ideas. Although the days are filled with classes, there is ample time to socialize with others who are already living full-time in their RVs."

What is great about these conferences, is that you are meeting not only experienced campers but beginners like yourselve.

However once you start researching you will notice that certain brands stand out as quality and desirable to RVers. And certain companies that stand out for good service.

To name a few, 5th wheels, New Horizons and Excel
Trailers, Bigfoot, Artic Fox, and smaller TTs, Scamp, Casitas
Class C, LazyDaze, Bigfoot and Born Free
Class A, Newmar, Monaco and for ultimate luxury, Prevost
Please don't be insulted if I didn't list your rig. Leave a comment as to why your rig SHOULD be listed!

RV are like cars, there are levels, entry, mid, high end.
Think Cavalier to Cadillac

One rule of thumb that I stick to is don't purchase the entry level product! Go mid-level at least.

Because high quality rigs are of course more expensive, I highly suggest considering purchasing a used rig. Remember that rigs, like cars are a depreciating item. So I believe its a smart move when your just starting out. If you like RVing, chances are that the first rig you purchase won't be your last!

One of the best places to find a good used rig in a brand that you have chosen after doing your research is on owners forums and groups.
Just Google your chosen brand and "owners" or "owners forums", "groups"
And most brands do have owner, Forums or Yahoo groups.
For example, owners of the excellent Class C LazyDaze have a very active and highly informative Yahoo group. Don't be afraid to ask questions!
Most RVers are more than happy to answer a newbies questions especially when its about their chosen brand!

Another advantage to owner Forums and Groups is that they have get togethers that you can attend. You can see the rigs and talk to owners before purchasing.

So more later.......about check lists for new and used rigs

Back to RVing and Selling my House!!


Got a little hectic, as there is so much going on in our world that needs moral commentary. Despite what some may try to foster, there ARE moral absolutes, that when violated effect the rest of society.

So anyway back to RVing!

I haven't written much as I am kinda at a stalemate. I need to sell my house before purchasing my rig (RV).

I have been putting the final touches on my house and I will list it in less than 2 weeks! But here is the kicker!

I MUST list as a For Sale by Owner. Now I sold my first house this way and its easy. However this is a much different market, a buyers market. there are lots of houses for sale and most people don't need to look for a FSBO.

Plus, as you may know if you have been reading my posts, Michigan is in a one-state recession. However I am fortunate to live in a community that isn't as effected as some other areas of the state and with a desirable school system.

Sooooooo that means I need to get my house noticed and spend a little more money on advertising. I will list my house on , which is a pay for service and of course my local and free

And there are some other good and FREE sites for listing,such as and

So say a prayer that I sell this summer!
The sooner I sell, the sooner I can buy my rig, truck and start my adventure!

More on RVing later today...

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Who Says What’s Right?

I really like the little devotional booklet entitled "Our Daily Bread".
So many times when I have picked it up to read, the devotional and the Word was just what I needed.
After reading about General Pace's comments on the immorality of homosexuality and the ensuing uproar by homosexuals demanding an apology, I thought this from the little devotional from yesterday (3.13.07) was so appropriate

READ: Romans 2:12-16

Gentiles, who do not have the law, . . . show the work of the law written in their hearts. —Romans 2:14-15

People who reject absolute standards of right and wrong are often inconsistent. When they think they are being treated unfairly, they appeal to a standard of justice that they expect everyone to adhere to.

A philosophy professor began each new term by asking his class, “Do you believe it can be shown that there are absolute values like justice?” The free-thinking students all argued that everything is relative and no single law can be applied universally. Before the end of the semester, the professor devoted one class period to debate the issue. At the end, he concluded, “Regardless of what you think, I want you to know that absolute values can be demonstrated. And if you don’t accept what I say, I’ll flunk you!” One angry student got up and insisted, “That’s not fair!” “You’ve just proved my point,” replied the professor. “You’ve appealed to a higher standard of fairness.”

God has given everyone a conscience to tell right from wrong (Rom. 2:14-15), and His moral standards are written in the Bible.

Every time we use the words good and bad, we imply a standard by which we make such judgments. Biblical values are true for any age, because they originate with an eternal, unchanging God.

God has not left us in the dark
About what’s wrong or right,
For through His works and in His Word
His Spirit gives us light.
—D. De Haan

Only God has the right to define what’s wrong

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


As some of you may know Gen. Peter Pace, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has said in a newspaper article, that he supports, the "don't ask, don't tell" policy and furthermore he believes that homosexuality is immoral!

Gen. Pace:
“I do not believe that the armed forces of the United States are well served by saying, through our policies, that it’s okay to be immoral in any way, not just with regards homosexuality. So from that standpoint, saying that gays should serve openly in the military to me says that we, by
policy, would be condoning what I believe is immoral activity. And therefore, as an individual, I would not want that to be our policy, just like I would not want it to be our policy that if we were to find out that so-and-so was sleeping with someone else’s wife, that we would just look the other way, which we do not — we prosecute that kind of immoral behavior between members of the armed forces.”

Well as you can imagine the homosexual advocates are up in arms and demanding an apology! So far General Pace has said he has no intention of apologizing!! Good for him!! HOORAY for General Pace

I encourage you to e-mail the general your support of his courageous comments and decision here:

This is my e-mail to Gen. Pace:

Dear Gen. Peter Pace,

I am writing to say I am in COMPLETE SUPPORT of your position on homosexuality. In addition, I applaud your courage in voicing your convictions and your concern on the effect of homosexuality in the Armed Forces

I am asking that you do not apologize for your beliefs on homosexuality. Those beliefs are shared by millions of Americans and supported by the Scriptures.

I am tired of those who voice their believe in the immorality of homosexuality being silenced, while homosexual advocates are given free rein to voice their agenda.

The 1st Amendment guarantees your right to voice your opinion and the opinion of many, including myself, as much as it does the opposition.

It is my sincere hope that PC forces do not force you into apology that is a violation of your beliefs and 1st Amendment rights.
Moreover, many, many Americans hold your same convictions and support them and your right to voice them

Furthermore, I wish to humbly and gratefully thank you for your service to our great country.


Very Sincerely,

My name
& e-mail

What do Conservatives Believe?

Special thanks to my brother in the Lord, Lyman
( ) for sharing this excellent article.
These principals are worth more than pondering by anyone who calls him or herself a conservative. They should act as a guideline when determing who a conservative supports for any political office.

Ten Principles of Conservatism
by Terence P. Jeffrey

As a very political year approaches an end, and a new presidential election cycle looms, it’s a good time for conservatives to step back from partisan politics and reflect on their cause.What do conservatives believe?

Here are 10 principles worth pondering.

1. God’s Law Governs Nations as Well as Men.
The Ten Commandments should not only be enshrined in our courthouses, they should be engraved in our hearts and minds as guides to all behavior, public and private. As the Founders acknowledged in the Declaration of Independence, laws and policies that violate the natural law are abuses of government power that must be resisted and reversed.

2. Life Is the First God-Given Right
It’s always wrong to deliberately take an innocent human life. When this principle is abridged, violence escalates. Thus we have aborted 47 million unborn babies in the past three decades, begun to accept euthanasia and doctor-assisted suicide, and stand at the threshold of cloning human beings for the specific purpose of killing them.

3. Marriage and Family Come Before the State and Deserve Its Protection
The marriage of one man and one woman is the natural foundation of all human society, and the means by which children ought to be brought into the world and taught the basic values of our civilization. Government has a duty to recognize and protect the family and must not grant alternative relationships the same status and privileges.

4. Freedom of Conscience is the Soul of Liberty
Understanding that freedom of conscience is at the heart of liberty, the Framers protected freedom of religion and assembly in the 1st Amendment. Movements to force the Boy Scouts to accept homosexual scout masters, or to compel religious individuals or organizations to distribute birth control or abortion drugs against their beliefs, directly attack these freedoms.

5. Private Property is the Servant of Freedom
The more that individuals, families and businesses can acquire and control the goods necessary to sustain and advance themselves, the more autonomy they will have from the state and others who may wish to unjustly restrict their freedom. The free and responsible use of private property tends to create greater wealth and greater freedom for greater numbers of people.

6. Government Dependency is the Seed of Tyranny
The more that individuals, families and businesses are dependent on the state for the goods necessary to sustain and advance themselves, the less autonomy they will have from the state and others who may wish to unjustly restrict their freedom. This is why expanding the welfare state is bad, and Social Security personal retirement accounts, Health Savings Accounts and school choice are good.

7. The Constitution Means What It Says
Believing in the God-given rights of man and understanding the imperfect nature of human beings, the Framers crafted a Constitution designed to protect the former from the latter. Many of the problems in U.S. government would be resolved if the President, Congress and Courts limited themselves and each other to the authority the Constitution actually grants them.

8. Taxes Are Justified Only to Fund Necessary Government Spending
A massive and complex tax code has become a powerful weapon politicians can use to pressure citizens to behave as the politicians, or the interest groups that support the politicians, wish. The correct function of taxation is to equitably collect only that revenue needed to fund the legitimate activities of a constitutionally limited government.

9. National Defense Is Just That
The first duty of the federal government is to defend the American people against foreign enemies. While advancing freedom in the world is good in itself—and, where it prudently can be done, would advance the interests of the United States--ultimately, the mandate for our national leaders is to use whatever moral means they can to carve out that path in our relations with foreign powers that is most likely to lead to enhanced security, prosperity and freedom for this nation.

10. We Should Strive to Give Our Children a Better Country
America is more than just an expanse of territory or a set of laws. It is a culture, whose art, architecture, journalism, music, movies, television, schools and universities, should reflect and reinforce the traditional values that made this country great. We owe this to our children, who will build the America of tomorrow on the foundation of the America we teach them to love today.

Saturday, March 10, 2007


As a follow up to my ACTION ALERT on Gov. Granholm's proposed 2% Service Tax

An informative article appeared in The Wall Street Journal Opinion page

The article blasts Gov. Granholm's $1 billion in new fees and tax increases.

"She would tax trucking, shopping, smoking, hunting, fishing, drinking beer and liquor, using a cell phone and, yes, even dying"

Some more of the sobering facts presented:

"Comerica Inc. was founded in 1849 in Detroit and the Detroit Tigers play in Comerica Park, announced it is moving its headquarters to Dallas--where, it said, the bigger growth opportunities are."

"the Governor wants to create a new corporate income tax as well as a new 2% excise tax on upwards of 100 business services. The net effect would be to raise Michigan's overall business tax burden."

"A new analysis by economist David Littman of the Mackinac Center reveals that the per capita income in the state fell to its lowest level in 75 years in 2005, relative to the national average."

"her budget would increase spending by 2.2% and pay off the teachers unions that support her with a new $178 per pupil spending increase, most of which would be absorbed by the bureaucracy and never see a classroom."

"according to the Governor's own Financial Advisory Panel, the state has amassed a $35 billion unfunded liability in its public-school health and retirement benefits. The state spends a whopping $1,200 per student per year on teacher and administrator benefits."

Republicans lost the state House last fall, but they still control the Senate and are vowing to fight the Governor's tax increases. We hope they succeed lest the state continue to lose taxpayers and business to more favorable climes.

Contact your state rep, and contact, Mike Bishop, Senate Majority leader, here:
Tell him/her you support the The Business and Economic Stimulus Tax (BEST) proposal will stimulate economic growth, expand jobs and increase business investment by cutting the taxes of Michigan's job providers by $290 million.

It is NOT an understatement to say that the future of Michigan is in the balance!

I love Michigan, I was born here. Its natural beauty is breathtaking, the Great Lakes, the forests, the many inland lakes... and NOW is the time to fight for her future!!

Will you join me?


A small moment in time, for the future of Michigan

Friday, March 9, 2007

Federal appeals judges' opinion declares 2nd Amendment grants individual right

March 9, 2007


Court dumps D.C. gun ban

Federal appeals judges' opinion declares 2nd Amendment grants individual right

In a major decision addressing interpretation of the Second Amendment, a federal appeals court today overturned the District of Columbia's handgun ban, declaring the constitutional right to bear arms is not limited to militias as the city had argued.

The majority opinion (here) in the 2-1 decision said activities protected by the Second Amendment "are not limited to militia service, nor is an individual's enjoyment of the right contingent upon his or her continued intermittent enrollment in the militia." ...

Read more here at WorldNetDaily

According to the article "If the case is appealed to the Supreme Court, it would be the first in nearly 70 years to address the scope of the Second Amendment."

This is a victory for our 2nd Amendment Rights!
The Bill of Rights refers to individual rights to bear arms

I can't imagine that this wouldn't be appealed.
And if so overturned could very well be heard by the Supreme Court!

But for right now, I'll just favor this victory and the angst of the gun grabbers over it!

Americans Spell Relief P-T-R-A

From Family Research Council

A little over a month before Tax Day, Sen. Sam Brownback (R-Kans.) and Rep. Lee Terry (R-Nebr.) have introduced some timely legislation to help families cope with Uncle Sam.

Rather than punish parents who are already making financial sacrifices to spend time with their children, Brownback and Terry have introduced the Parents' Tax Relief Act (PTRA) of 2007. Under their bill, the generous income tax credit that is currently limited to parents who pay for out- of-the-home day care would be broadened to include families who choose at-home parenting.

This legislation would help to equalize the tax code for parents who work split shifts or have a mother or father in the home full-time. Now for even better news. PTRA was also designed to fully eliminate the marriage tax penalty, make the $1,000-per child tax credit permanent, and increase the tax exemptions for families who care for elderly relatives.

In an era when taxes seldom expire but tax breaks do, this bill would give families immediate and lasting relief.

FRC's Vice President for Government Affairs, Tom McClusky, spoke on behalf of the legislation at a Capitol Hill press conference today. Advancing a family-friendly tax code has been one of FRC's proudest achievements. The child tax credit, is now responsible for retaining hundreds of billions of dollars for families across the country.
Now it's up to Congress to ensure that the legacy of alleviating the family tax burden lives on.

This is a great bill, designed to help those parents who if at all possible, want to stay home and be a full time parent to their children, forsaking the extra money of a second income.
And its no secret that the best interest of children is served in having full time parent(s). Most don't need a study to conclude that fact but there are plenty out there that confirm it, if you do!

Senator Brownback as most know, is a Presidential candidate of the Republican party.

His web site is

Sam Browback On the Issues can be found here

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Giant cross country Pro-troop Caravan and Rally

Move Forward America has launched a national Support our Troops caravan, “These Colors Don’t Run!” leaving from San Francisco California, today Thursday, March 8, 2007 to Washington, D.C. where they will join "The Gathering of Eagles" for a giant pro-troop rally on Saturday March 17, 2007.

Caravan Route can be found on their web site here if you care to join the caravan or Rally in D.C.

Wouldn't it be nice if they received the same media coverage as Cindy Sheehan?!

Prayers for the success of this caravan and a HUGE thank you to our troops and their families for their service and sacrifice

Beware of "Liberal-Speak"

I thought I would post the answer I received from my State Senator in answer to the e-mail I send her voicing my opposition to Gov. Granholm's proposed 2% Service Tax.
(Red text hi-lighted by me)

Thank you very much for taking the time to contact my office and share your concerns.
The Governor's proposal to put Michigan's financial house in order has stirred some deep emotions. I am hearing very strong sentiments from both sides of this issue, some arguing for a revenue increase and some arguing for cutting our way out of this fiscal crisis.

The way in which this Legislature responds to the current crisis will, in large measure, define Michigan for both this and the next generation. An independent bipartisan panel was established by Governor Granholm to assess the current state government financial situation and offer recommendations on how best to address the situation now and in years to come.

That panel termed this situation as the *most serious financial crisis in many years* due to a weak economy, tax cuts, spending pressures and no real government reform. They concluded that we cannot solely cut or tax our way out of our current fiscal situation.

Fundamentally, Michigan must reform its spending and taxing and must reinvent the way state and local governments deliver services to be more efficient and productive. Government must demonstrate value for every dollar spent.

The depth and breadth of this crisis and the fundamental need for investment demand a comprehensive response.
While no definitive plan or combination of plans has yet to take shape before the Legislature, four elements will undoubtedly be considered to solve our budget problems: A fundamental reform of both spending and taxes; Create a modern tax structure that abandons the focus on the economic system for the 20th Century and looks to the developing economy of the new century; End the disinvestment in education and those other assets that define the quality of life that knowledge-based workers seek*cultural offerings, natural resources and vibrant cities; and Develop a fiscal plan that includes a combination of revenue increases, spending cuts, and reform of how public services are delivered.

I greatly appreciate your letting me know your position on this important issue. Please do not hesitate to continue to share your thoughts as we move through the budget process during the next few months.

Very truly yours,
Gretchen Whitmer
State Senator
23rd District

Ok now allow me to translate this e-mail from political lock step liberalism to laymen's terms:

I am treading a thin line here. I know nobody likes new taxes but I have to maintain a loyalty to my party's woman in the governor's office and my role model and besides I really do believe in more taxes! However I have to frame it to convince taxpayers that cutting taxes are actually part of Michigan's problem and then I can hood wink my constituents into believing that a new tax in a recession is a good thing. Plus this will help the governor's plan to pass out a free education to everyone as we know the taxpayers will be shouldering this one too
And if it does happen to blow up in my face, I can always blame the Republicans on the independent bipartisan panel.

Now I knew in advance that I couldn't expect much from Gretchen Whitmer and she didn't disappoint!

BTW be afraid, be very afraid when liberals start talking about, "reinvent the way state and local governments", "modern tax structure", "vibrant cities" (remember the gov's "Cool Cities" programs??) and "revenue increases".

Those ALWAYS translate into = Costing YOU, the Michigan taxpayer

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The Plot Thickens...

As some of you may know, I am a GM retiree. I took the pre-retirement offer last year with 28 years. Therefore, I have a keen interest in the future of General Motors. And not just because that a large portion of my adult life was spend as a GM employee. But also in a much larger sense because General Motors is a part of Americana. Cultural and historically, GM, is a part of our American heritage, a great American automobile company, conceived and build by Americans.

It has been public knowledge that GM is considering selling its Allison Division, makers of the Allison Transmission

Allison has been and is a profitable division for GM so why GM would consider selling it, I wondered?
Then I read the latest news that appears GM is very serious about purchasing Chrysler.

Could it be that that the money from the sale of Allison would bring extra cash flow to aid GM in its purchase of Chrysler?

We do know that they are others seriously considering the purchase of Chrysler also, including, equity groups like Cerberus Capital Management LP and Apollo Management LP

Equity groups are not automakers. It seems the logical step for them would be to take Chrysler into bankruptcy and then sell it piecemeal.

However, a big hurdle for any buyer is Chrysler's estimated $19 billion long-term liability to pay health care benefits for unionized retirees.

This factor alone, some analyst say could necessitate Daimler-Benz AG to practically give Chrysler away

Which is an advantage to any buyer

Nevertheless, liability to pay health care benefits for unionized retirees is where GM has the advantage over Cerberus Capital Management LP, & Blackstone Group and any others interested in purchasing Chrysler.

GM is a known to the Union, and one hand DOES wash the other, the management companies are total unknowns to the Union.

GM and the Union have a long-term working relationship and could easier negotiate with the Union to eliminate health care liability and keep Chrysler in the hands of automakers instead of the management companies, which would most certainly be more favorable to the Union and its membership, and the Union knows it.

Maybe Rick Wagoner has a copy of "Barbarians at the Gate" on his bedside. After all GM managed to out maneuver the old fox him, Kirk Kerkovian and his plan to profit off GM.

Perhaps the sleeping giant has awoke after all
Like Dylan said, The times, they are a-changing'

Personally, I am rooting for GM. And Chrysler

And the plot thickens....

RV Wanna-be
Maddie the Wonderdog

"See the USA in your Chevrolet!"

"No freeman shall be debarred the use of arms "
--Thomas Jefferson: Draft Virginia Constitution 1776. Papers 1:353


Dylan, Bob, “The Times They Are A-Changin’” The Times They Are A-Changin’ Atlantic, 1964.

Burrough, Bryan, and John Helyar. Barbarians At the Gate. Harpercollins Publisher, 1990.

Saturday, March 3, 2007



Contact your State Senator to Oppose Senate Bill 307

Governor Granholm’s 2% Tax on Services

Governor Granholm’s 2% tax increase plan was introduced in the State Senate. Senate Bill 307, introduced by Senator Liz Brater (D-Ann Arbor) includes taxing virtually everything ! (See Sec. 7.)
(1) Services subject to the tax levied under this act include, but are not limited to, the following: ) from (b,c) Admission to spectator sports, and movies (d) Cable and other program distribution, (f) Dues and fees for golf courses (j) Repair and maintenance services, (x) Other amusement and recreation services, as described in NAICS industry code 71399, which include, but are not limited to, pool parlors, dance halls, miniature golf courses, coin-operated amusement devices but not gambling devices, riding stables, and recreational day camps that are noninstructional. (y) The renting or leasing of miniwarehouses and self-storage, (cc) Waste collection services (nn) Third party administration services of insurance or pension funds, as described in NAICS industry code 524292., (oo) Other insurance-related activities, (rr) Real estate-related services, (iii) Advertising and related services, (lll) Construction services.

And on and on and on!
The upshot is that virtually EVERYONE will be affected by this tax, directly or indirectly, The last thing Michigan taxpayers need now is more NEW TAXES as this would only further depress Michigan’s TAXPAYERS and her economy and increase the exodus out of Michigan

If you do not know who your senator is, you may go here
to find out the name and contact information for your Senator

Friday, March 2, 2007

5th Wheels and slides

Yesterday it was brought to my attention that I had neglected 5th Wheels as a RVing choice.

I haven't entirely ruled out 5th Wheels its just that small 5th Wheels are hard to find and quality ones that are affordable, even harder to find.

The advantage of a Fifth Wheel is they are less susceptible to jack-knifing and sway as a trailer because the hitch is in the truck bed and for this reason also, they are not as long going down the road.
They are generally easier to back up.
They are more expensive than a Trailer but more popular because they generally have more room.
Most should be pulled with Medium Duty Trucks (MDTs) or Heavy Duty Trucks (HDTs).

Because I want to stay with a 1/2 ton truck and I wanted something smaller I decided against the Fifth Wheel unless its a 19ft Scamp 5th wheel, which can be pulled with a 1/2 ton truck

There are some very good hitches for TTs that all but eliminate sway and jack knifing problems, Reese dual cam and Hensley among them.

There is some good information on the pros and cons of each type of RV, Class A, Class C, Fifth wheels and TTs here

Ok now about slides

I have stated I don't want a slide

The disadvantages are:
1. Safety. To make a slide you need to cut a big old hole in the RV. I think this has a impact on the integrity of the coach or camper.
2. Mechanical part(s)that can be a problem. I have heard of campers who had their slide stuck open and had to drive that way to get it fixed!
3. Some older campgrounds may not be able to accommodate the additional space to have your slide out
4. More weight to your axles, chassis, and tow vehicle. You may also give up some basement storage room.

Now just to be "fair and balanced" the pros of a slide

1. The obvious, more interior space
2. More interior space

Some of the newer rigs have 3 or 4 slides!

However a word of *CAUTION* here. Before you buy, make sure that you know the brand and if the chassis can safely accommodate multiple slides.

Also have the RV salesman or owner operate the slide for you.
Pay attention to where the slide is located
Will it be hard to access storage, light switches etc when slide is in or out?

Slides are very popular now so everyone jumps on the bandwagon. So be sure that if you want a slide, its where a slide should be to be comfortable, livable and that the size and chassis of your coach or camper can safely handle one

RV Wanna-be
Maddie the Wonderdog

"See the USA in your Chevrolet!"

"No freeman shall be debarred the use of arms "
--Thomas Jefferson: Draft Virginia Constitution 1776. Papers 1:353

Thursday, March 1, 2007

And so it begins...

And so it begins... Well I have been thinking about doing this for a long time and finally took that 1st step that so we often procrastinate over or is that just me?

The main purpose of this blog is catalog my RVing adventures and give friends and family the opportunity to "drive along" so to speak that is.....when I finally get my RV! I have a very nice house I need to sell first...more on that later

Of course an added benefit is pontificating my 2 cents! LOL

Its been a year long journey now researching RVs (rigs) and the lifestyle.
I've subscripted to TrailerLife, MotorHome mags, a Life on Wheels Conference, an Escapees Escapde and I am currently on several RVing Forums.
Did I mention I like to research?

Anyhoot the biggest consideration in deciding what RV to purchase besides the $$$ aspect is, What kind of camping do you want to do? Mostly plan on staying in RV parks and campgrounds, or are you a boondocker at heart? Want to stay in one place awhile or plan on moving every week?

For me I decided a little of both! And the kind of Rving I choose allows me to do both and more economically too!

Part of the whole RVing thing is figure out where I want to plant my self permanently
So if I find a spot that I really like, then I'll stay longer
And I do like to be "far from the maddening crowd" so I also plan on doing my share of boondocking

So for me, I choose a truck and travel trailer (TT) for several reasons

1. $$$$ Motorhomes generally cost more. And most Motorhomes (MH) even the small ones only get 8 mpg! and thats without towing a car (toad)

2. With a MH and my choice was a small 23.5 Lazy Daze, you either have to unplug if your camping to run to the store/sight-see etc OR you tow a toad

3. Accessibility. I can take my truck even with the TT places that most MH can't go

4. Having a car to use while on the road. I can drop the TT and use by truck to scout and sight-see with

5. Good re-sale value. You can do much better selling a truck and a small TT than most MH. In addition you can do even better if you choose a quality rig and know where to sell it! (More about this later)

Ok got to go but before I do a *WARNING*

I am one of the world's worst spellers

So I WILL try to correct any spelling errors however if one slips by, sorry and as that old song goes..

Its my blog and I'll misspell if I want to, misspell if I want to, misspell if I want to, you'd misspell too if you were the world's worst speller too!

Happy Trails!

RV Wanna-be
Maddie the Wonderdog

"See the USA in your Chevrolet!"

"No freeman shall be debarred the use of arms "
--Thomas Jefferson: Draft Virginia Constitution 1776. Papers 1:353