Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Slice of Life...

A reprieve from politics..looks like I will be here for yet another winter

I have only had one showing of my house in a month *sigh*

I have decided to take it off the market the end of November, before the holidays and give myself a break

I have worked sooooooooo hard on the presentation of my home, I am beat!

I will re-list in February 2008 and keep it listed until it sells
Hopefully in the early Spring so I will have time to find and buy a rig and a truck to pull it

Speaking of rigs, I will finally have an opportunity to see a
Bigfoot rig (RV) in person!

I am going to a Home Staging training seminar near Chicago the end of the month.
There is a Bigfoot dealer about 1 1/2 hour from where I'll be.
I called him today and he is expecting a 21ft RB in any day, just like the one I want!

Of course I am not gonna buy new although his price of $30,000 is very good for a new Bigfoot

I just want to actually SEE and be IN one!

For those of you unfamiliar with Bigfoot, http://www.bigfootrv.com/ they are a quality built molded fiberglass 4-season rig, very capable of snow camping.

After much researching and thinking about how
I want to camp, its my rig of choice

So I'll go and look, feel and take pictures and KNOW that sometime SOON I'll be in my own Bigfoot, on the road, me & Maddie, apackof2

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