Sunday, December 2, 2007

A Dream on Hold

Been awhile but its been a busy time...

I am now a " Qualified Staging Professional " having completed a training program through the Midwest Staging Redesign Institute, an I.R.I.S approved training institution.

Which in a state that has one of the highest unemployment rates held captive by a socialist's Governor whose idea of a turn around is to tax its citizens and its businesses more and add to that a housing market in crises stage, it doesn't really mean a whole lot

Speaking of housing, I took my house off the market....It is certainly not news that we are in one of the worst housing market in 21 years and most of 2008 expected to be worst than 2007

I have worked my fanny off for over a year getting my house ready, de-cluttering, perfecting the staging, only to get a low ball offer, repeat showings to a couple that couldn't even make an offer and a real estate agent who thinks I am trying to mask odors because I have candles lit and who takes umbrage that I asked, "Please and Thank You" to extinguish candles and close the glass door to my fireplace so my house wouldn't burn down before I get back!

Even if I did get an offer again, why would I expect it to be anything close to acceptable?
Buyers know they have free rein, there is always another house or a foreclosure

I was just emotionally spend from bouncing between hope and disappointment and physically tired from cleaning or staging

So the house comes off the market and the dream of full timing is on the shelf *sigh*

I will probably re-list in March 2008, I don't know. I will pay close attention to the real estate report first.
It may make more sense to list in the Fall as "the prediction" is that the market might pick up in the 3rd quarter

Sooooooo I just gotta redirect my energies this winter (2008 election) and live, "on the road" vicariously through my RV buddies

But before I close that door for now, I did get the opportunity to see my RV (rig) of choice, a Bigfoot when in the Chicago area for my Home Stage Interior Redesign training

So for now these pictures are in my "hope chest" and my heart...

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It still means a lot. Congratulations on the cert!