Thursday, December 4, 2008

How about Some Good Michigan News for a Change?

Spartan Motors Defies Economy, Posts Sales Increase of 59.5 Percent

Capital Gains, 12/3/2008

Charlotte, MI-based Spartan Motors saw its third quarter net sales increase by 59.5 percent from its 2007 third quarter results.

Spartan reported record third quarter net earnings of $14.7 million, compared with net earnings of $2.6 million the same quarter of 2007.

"This was an excellent quarter for Spartan, especially given the tumultuous national economic environment," says president and CEO, John Sztykiel.

"Our market diversification and flexible manufacturing model continue to allow us to grow and profitably compete in difficult times. During the quarter, we ramped up production rapidly and efficiently to complete a sizable military order.”

The 2008 third quarter results represent the best third quarter in the company’s history.

"Our military role is evolving from a rapid production and deployment stage to a long-term sustainment and partnership model, marked by smaller volumes of a wider range of mine-protected variants,” Sztykiel says. “Emergency-rescue continues to be a great foundation with tremendous opportunity."

Spartan Motors was also recently recognized by the U.S. Military for its rapid production and deployment of Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles.

Interesting sidebar about this is the history of Spartan Motors:

Spartan Motors, Inc. got its start in 1976 outside of Lansing, Michigan, when a small group of automotive engineers who lost their jobs due to a bankruptcy decided to draw on their collective expertise and launch their own company.

Their formula was simple: build a high-quality custom product for a specific consumer, sell it at a fair price and provide great service. The team designed, built and delivered its first custom fire truck cab and chassis a few months later – and Spartan Chassis was born

And Spartan Motors in a non-Union plant


JGillman said...


Glad to see SOME good news on the manufacturing front. I hope they are ok after they feel the MBT however.. Their size of operation is prime pickings by our Treasury/Extortion unit. said...

I'm sure the fact that the shop is union free has noooooothing to do with its ability to succeed in the cess pool that is the Granholm - Cherry economy.

'Nothing at all. Nothing to see here. Move along.'


Ron G.