Saturday, February 14, 2009

Socialism & Pork

How fitting that the pork laden, largest spending bill ever to pass Congress which includes the creation of a government board to decide who gets health care and "whatever" the liberals came up with was "passed" on Friday the 13th. We don't know everything that is in the bill and either do our Reps because despite promising transparency the Obama administration didn't give our Reps a chance to read it before voting began and never posted the bill so that we, the American people could read it.

I am proud to say NO House Republican voted for the bill and only three RINOS (Republican in name only) from the Senate, Specter of PA, Collins of Maine and Snowe from Maine voted for it in the Senate.

The message from Obama Administration is to your representatives who represent YOU and to YOU directly is;
"Screw You! We won and we'll do whatever we want!"

So Happy Valentine's Day!

You may want to send you friends (espeically liberal ones, if you have any) this Valentine's Day e-card.

Just one of many to choose from, all with similiar "sentiments."

Please feel free to send one to the three RINO Senators who sold out their constituents, their party and their country for "30 pieces of silver". You can't send to any .gov e-mail addresses from the site but you can download the pictures and send yourselve. That is what I did.

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