Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Just Back..4000-5000 at Lansing Tax Day Tea Party

State Police aerial estimates were between 4000-5000 attended the Lansing Tea Party!

I had a blast as MC, the crowd was electric, the speakers were on fire,the music rocked, spontaneous chants of "USA" and "Send Then Home" broke out.

Folks in Revolutionary Era costumes, Uncle Sam, hundreds and hundreds of signs, flags....posting a few pictures...more to follow..a HUGE THANKS TO ALL VOLUNTEERS!

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Jason Gillman said...

Isnt it great that there were SO MANY folks..

I didn't get a chance to get up there and congratulate you and Wendy (and Mel?) for doing it again!

The bus riders say they are committed to pursuing this further.

I can feel nothing but encouraged.