Friday, June 12, 2009

STOP HR 676!

Committee hopes to have healthcare bill passed by Oct. 1

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Dissecting HR 676 Overview FINAL
Dissecting HR 676 Overview FINAL apackof2

To get started right now, having an impact in stopping HR 676 by doing as many of the following as possible:

* Email, call, fax, or write your representatives
* Write a Letter to the Editor
* Post to opinion sections of newspaper websites
* Call talk radio.
* Send information to your entire email address book
* Talk to your friends, family, and neighbors about the facts


Anonymous said...

So, Jesus wouldn't want everyone to have healthcare? He would want 20,000 people a year to DIE due to lack of healthcare? How Christian is that?

Janet said...

The government is not going to decide any health decisions. That is misinformation. Even if it were true, I would rather have that than have a "for profit" health insurance decide not to pay for treatments just to make money, regardless if I die or not. I have Medicare, and only my doctors decide what I can have, not the government. Medicare only pays the bill. I have never been denied anything from Medicare, but when I was still able to work I had "good" insurance. They denied a surgery that I needed that should have been emergency surgery for SIX MONTHS! I suffered in pain for SIX MONTHS before approval. Now I am permanently disabled due to the surgery being delayed.

please stop spreading this misinformation, it hurts and kills people.