Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Challenge to Tea Party Conservatives

I issue a challenge to everyone reading this...I challenge you to send in postcards I have provided here (they can be downloaded and/or printed out. Or use the postcard and pick up the phone or send a fax that and then come back leave a Comment

"My name is _____ and I live ______ and I send postcards, fax, phoned"

Encourgage others by your actions to TAKE ACTION themselves. We are at a crossroads here, the very future of our country hangs in the balance, socialized medicine is a nail in the coffin of our Republic and our very liberties. Cap-N-Trade is the other. Everyone needs to be in the fight, we can all play a part.

I challenge YOU to take action and come back and leave a Comment!

To find your Federal and State Rep

Is the Tea Party Movement experiencing post-partum psychosis?

Posted by Dr. Larry Hunter on October 07, 2009, 09:41 AM

Has the grass-roots Tea Party Movement run out of steam? Many Washington insiders seem to think so. The buzz around the nation’s capital is that opponents of ObamaCare pretty much shot their wad on September 12 when two million of them travelled from every corner of America to show up on the National Mall in protest of out-of-control government, of which ObamaCare is indicative.

Senator Mike Crapo (R-Idaho) expressed this fear yesterday to The Hill newspaper:
“Crapo said that he credited the August recess protests with having created enough of an impression among his colleagues for them to have voted down public option amendments in the Senate Finance Committee, but he worried the protests haven't had enough of an impact as the debate moves forward.

‘I'm concerned that that impact is not as deep as they thought it would be,’ he said.”

Some Senators go further according to conversations with several Hill staffers. Many Democrats and Republicans looking to vote in favor of some version of ObamaCare Lite we call it RHINOCare, are telling themselves they have weathered the storm and can go back to business as usual, cutting deals in the back room to expand Washington’s reach into the lives of individuals and feather the nests of their friends and cronies who feast like parasites on American taxpayers.

Unfortunately, evidence that this attitude may be warranted is everywhere to be seen by anyone monitoring the email traffic among grass-roots organizers. Soon after 9/12, one prominent Tea Party organization had a very public nervous breakdown on the Internet as they fought over ownership of intellectual property and purged their board of directors. Astro-turf groups out of Washington, DC are using the residual glow of 9/12 to raise gobs of money over the Internet but there is no evidence of real, follow-up grass-roots actions to put a stake through the heart of ObamaCare.

Much of the discussion among activists has wandered off into rancorous bickering over the wisdom of convening an Article V constitutional convention while the primary focus of the overall movement seems to be obsessing over Barrack Obama the man rather than the disastrous policies he is trying to jam down America’s throat, especially a government takeover of healthcare. Many email scribes in the various Google Groups of the movement seem more interested in re-running the 2008 presidential election than defeating the policies the winner of that election wants to impose on the country. Some of the rhetoric is absolutely demented not only delegitimizing the Liberty Movement before it finds its legs but actually scaring the hell out of many conservatives and libertarians who want nothing to do with the kind of personal invective and hate being spewed all over the Internet.

Even more troublesome than the tangible evidence of lethargy and disarray among the grass roots is the resounding silence of the dog that isn’t barking: The demonstrations at Senators’ Capitol Hill offices that are not occurring; the Senate telephone system that has not become overloaded; the mailbags of cards and letters opposing ObamaCare that are not arriving in the Senate mail room; the fax machines that sit idle in Senate offices; the gazebos in town squares across America that are not occupied by gatherings of citizens opposed to a government takeover of healthcare; the YouTube videos not being posted of boisterous gatherings outside local Senators’ offices demanding to meet with Senators when they are home on weekends; the demands for town hall meetings that are not being made by local citizens.

The Tea-Party Movement gave birth to a baby Liberty Movement September 12, which with care and nurturing could grow up to be a formidable force for freedom and prosperity. But since then the Liberty Movement’s parent has gone into a deep post-partum depression that in some cases verges on post-partum psychosis.

If Mama Movement doesn’t get her head straight and her act together soon, she will end up killing her offspring in a fit of self-obsessed abuse and neglect. Or, perhaps worse, the organized Republican Party, agent of the state, and their various Astro-Turf organizations will kidnap the infant movement from its neglectful and abusive parent and give it a foster home in the DC Establishment where it will be showered with money and attention, indoctrinated into practical politics and taught to mind its manners and vote for the lesser of two evils for the rest of its life.

Dr. Laurence Hunter
Social Security Institute,/a>


Christine Dobbertien said...

I contacted Debbie Stabenow today. I hope others will follow the challange and act now!

apackof2 said...

I do too, Christine, thanks!