Tuesday, May 22, 2007

URGENT CALL TO ACTION: Republicans violating principles? Not if we can help it!

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By Nick, Section News
Posted on Tue May 22, 2007
at 01:18:53 PM EST

Things are moving fast in Lansing right now folks with all sorts of discussion and conversation.

I understand State Senator Valde Garcia is being courted heavily right now by the Governor and her staff. They're trying to get him to go along to get along and hoping he'll forget who he works for in his zeal to cut a deal.

Please email and call Senator Garcia right away:

Email: SenVGarcia@senate.michigan.gov Office: 517-373-2420

Tell him to vote NO on new taxes and yes on Michigan's future. Tell him to support real substantive reform and that Lansing has a spending problem, not a taxing problem.
Tell him to remember his conservative principles and not to sell out

By Nick, Section News
Posted on Tue May 22, 2007
at 09:02:41 AM EST

As the House Democrats marshal their forces and muster their courage to pass a massive tax increase in the coming days it's more important than ever that the blogosphere, frequent campaign volunteers, activists and the grassroots community at large do our part to make sure common sense carries the day and that folks who won election as fiscal conservatives understand a vote to raise taxes is a vote against Michigan. And that we won't stand for it.

Our Representatives are getting it from all sides right now. The Governor is calling them in for private meetings to try to buy them off. The MEA has teachers, school board members and administrators calling them daily swearing on their students lives that the sky is falling. Public employee unions and local government officials are throwing mud and calling them names.

But most are standing firm. Most are standing up for their principles and saying, no, Michigan has a spending problem, not a taxing problem. I won election by campaigning against wasteful spending and I won't raise taxes to protect the status quo.

Still, in a chamber as large as the Michigan House there are always a few who need an extra little push to remind them where they came from and what they were sent to Lansing to do. The urge to appease the enemy can be powerful sometimes but we can't stand for it. Period.

That's where YOU come in... today!

Below you will find the text of an email I sent to a few state Reps who might need a little encouragement these days. A few state Reps who the Governor is lobbying hard. A few state Reps who need to remember what got them elected and that a flip flop simply can't happen.

The Democrats have the votes to raise taxes in the House. If they want to raise them, they'll raise them. The sad truth is that for every Republican who votes against his principles, who takes the bribe, who panders to the teachers unions... not only does it set the state back, not only does it put Lansing over Yourtown, not only does it put a union hack's exorbitant salary over yours but quite frankly, it undermines Republican brand ID and gives one of the vulnerable Democrats a free pass in next years election.

We simply can't have that.

Will you help send the message?
Will you help remind so-called "fiscal conservative" Republicans that you won't stand for tax increases but more, that you won't stand for your elected officials violating their principles, saying one thing during an election and doing another once they win? We get enough of that out of Jennifer Granholm these days.

So wherever you are, whatever part of the state you're in please do this RIGHT NOW:
1) Fire off an email. Tell each of these Reps that you won't stand for a vote to raise taxes and remind them what's at stake.
2) Call each of them. Pick up the phone. Let them hear from you in person.

Please do both.
No matter where you live.
We'll make it easy and go with two members a day. An email and a phone call to each shouldn't take but ten minutes total. No matter how busy we are, we can all make ten minutes. No excuses. Michigan's future may very well depend on what you do today.
Then let us know how it goes!

Update [2007-5-22 9:46:48 by Nick]:
The buzz around Lansing is that a couple of our Republican friends might even be working behind closed doors with the Governor to grab other GOP votes to raise taxes. One's angling for a position as a lobbyist and the other, I'm told, thinks the governor might help him win a primary race for the state Senate in four years... The Representatives who need "friendly" reminders today are:

Representative Ed Gaffney(District 1, Wayne County)Email: edwardgaffney@house.mi.govOffice: 517-373-0154

Representative Mike Nofs(District 62, Calhoun County)Email: mikenofs@house.mi.govOffice: 517-373-0555

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