Wednesday, July 18, 2007

How long is the shelf life of a dream?

Have you ever been in a place in your life where you feel that anything that could be against your dream is aligned against you?

I thought so. Its a club where nobody wants membership

Well evidently my membership came up for renewal...

The "fickle finger of fate" and the "handwriting on the wall"
have conspired to keep me trapped here, for I don't know how long
The Lord does but so far He isn't telling.....Of course He still is in the miracle business but usually He sees you through circumstances instead of taking you out of them

I unsubscribed to some of my RV Forums today, stopped receiving the "Daily Digest" of the other two

I have to put my dream of full time RVing on the shelf, its too frustrating to find a nice little rig like the New Horizons I just found and can't do anything about it
Too frustrating to read about everyone travels and adventures
I feel like I am on the inside looking out. My nose pressed against the glass watching the other kids play

Nope I just have to put it all on the shelf until that day when my house does sell, tomorrow or 3 years from now...who knows?

So the question is, "Now what?" ...To look forward to, to dream about, to make plans

I don't know. I really don't know
I am fresh out of dreams and "exciting" goals at the present time....*sigh*

Life just stinks sometimes!

BTW...More "good news" from the Twilight Zone where I reside helping to fuel my present melancholy

Area home sales slide in June

Evening update
Jeremy W. Steele
Lansing State Journal

The Lansing region's housing market continued to slump in June, with home sales sliding nearly 29 percent.
There were 435 houses sold in June, according to the Greater Lansing Association of Realtors. That's down from 610 in June 2006.
The average sales price fell nearly 9 percent to $156,234 last month. That's down from $171,375 one year earlier.
For the first six months of the year, area house sales are down 13 percent. For the first half of 2007, 2,114 houses were sold, according to the association's data. That's down from 2,429 one year earlier.
The year-to-date average sales price for 2007 is $145,555, down 7 percent from $157,183 last year.


Ronald Rice said...


I'm so sorry to see your house hasn't sold. All you can do is put it in God's hands and let things work out according to his will.

When we toyed with the idea of fulltiming, we put our house up for sale and agreed if it sold, it was God's will for us to do what we planned, and if it didn't, we would revise our plan. Our house was on the market for 8 months, and we were going to take it off the market when the second contract two weeks. We had reached the point where we figured we would be in the house a while longer, and then, boom, the house sold and we were on our way to our dream. Don't give up. We want to see you on the road living your dream. You seem to be such a great person and I believe you would be a great addition to all fulltimers out there.

I haven't been on the forums lately, myself. Just kind of got bored with it, except for the Newmar Owner's Forum. Sometimes there is good info on it.

Even though we've never met, I consider you a friend.

Regards, and God Bless,

Ron and Sandy Rice (the folks from Virginia).

If you want to email us, our email is

apackof2 said...

Ron and Sandy,

Thank you so much.

He knows who to send

He has used you to encourage me to not give up on my dream

Isn't God so good!?

See you two down the road!