Wednesday, January 23, 2008

First Tom, then Hunter, now Fred

Not a conservative of any degree left

Its' terrible isn't it when the "best" option is someone like McCain?

Even Electable? McCain has 2 emotions, he's either angry or smug & arrogant and he can't cry like Hitlery can

Maybe the Republican party will get a clue and realize that it is when we present a clear contrast (conservative ) to the Democrats that we win

"President Clinton" will do to this country what her buddy, Governor Granholm has done to Michigan

Maybe it will take a Hiltery to almost destroy this country to usher a new Reagan era? History repeating itself, 1976 then 1980?

But on the other hand is America REALLY ready for a woman president? Especially someone like Hiltery?
I mean we aren't talking Margret Thatcher here
If Hiltery is the nominee will lots of blacks sit it out in protest?
Will lots of men?

But then again if McCain is the nominee will lots of conservatives sit it out?

2008 is going to be a defining moment for the Republican Party and for this country

God help us

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