Friday, January 4, 2008

Iowa Caucus and Jenny-Fraud?

Well the results of the Iowas Caucus are in and the pundits are giving their opinions so here's mine;

Its seem that quite a few Iowans paid more attention to the fact that Mike Huckabee is Christian(from what I have read, a moderate one) than the fact he borders on moderate to socialists on the issues.

Quite frankly I think it makes the "religious right" look stupid, i.e all a candidate has to do is proclaim Christianity

Now don't get me wrong I would love a Christian candidate and president but Christianity can't be the only qualification for the president of the United States. Of course as a Christian I need a pro-lifer. Huckabee isn't the only pro-life candidate in fact Fred Thompson recieved the National Life to Life endorsement. However I also need a candidate that has a conservative stance and record on strong national security, protecting our borders, limited government,and cutting taxes.

And that isn't Mike Huckabee, in my opinion. I base it on all the research, on all the debates and reading, reading, reading I have done on the candidates.

But its still early.. and many Christians still haven't made up their minds....I just pray it will be with all the facts that Christians have taken the time to find out
To "find out" about Fred

However the real big picture I see is that people want someone different
Someone they see as not establishment. Both Huckabee and Obama fit the bill, relativity unknown and a newcomer

In addition Ron Paul got 10% which means there are a lot of newly independent voters out there tired of both parties.

How Ron Paul will not win the election but who will his voters vote for?
Or perhaps will some not vote at all or vote for a Dem
as a statement vote? i.e maybe 4 years of a Dem will clear the way for a real conservative
Will Ron Paul endorse any of the other candidates or the final winner of the GOP? I know, I know to Paul supporters he will be the next president.

This is still a wide open race but no candidate should take the "natives are restless" lightly
But after the Iowa results, how could they?

So NOW is the time to choose your candidate if you have not done so already. Please don't get caught up in the ball and chain of "electability"
Support your candidate with your money and time and help him BECOME electable. Remember ;" George W. Bush; his father, George H.W. Bush; and Ronald Reagan all lost one of the two early states in 2000, 1988 and 1980, respectively."

And on the home front

Taxpayer Fraud??? The state announced a SURPLUS of some $350 Million dollars…after the Democrats jammed through the largest tax increase in Michigan’s history. Republicans argued we could balance our budget without raising taxes…this is before any meaningful reforms.

Now that the Democrats got their tax increase…how about a bi-partisan approach at reforming the way Michigan spend our tax dollars?!?

How convenient for our Governor to some how have "lost" $350 million and then "by accident" discover it

Anyone wanna buy a bridge in Brooklyn?

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