Thursday, March 6, 2008

Dedicated to my new fan (stalker) Acme Data





Acme Data said...

Thank you. Thank you very much.

I seem to be your only fan.

apackof2 said...

Oh not to brag but I have a couple of fans but your my only stalker :-)

Btw does your boss know that instead of working your stalking people on the Internet on his dime?

According to you, "My new job @ the big place is not what I thought. It is brutal.

Apparently, I am expected to understand things that I have not been told about."

Posting on the Internet all day doesn't sound too brutal to me.

Maybe one of things you do not understand is that when you are at work, you are actually supposed to be working.

Must be difficult to be the employer of liberals.

Half a day's work for a full day's pay said...

Don't worry AP2, you've got a fan in me!


Anonymous said...

If your blog is so offensive to Acme, why the frequent visits?

ricere said...

Joanie, I am a fan, too.

BTW, I have been meaning to tel you that we have seen the lady in the video "Press one for English" sing it in person. We have seen her at several RV shows in the past few years. She's good!

Martha said...

Just a few words from another fan of AP2. This woman is not only way too smart for you, liberal stalker, but she has many fans just like me who know exactly what you're about. You're out of your league. Go back to your make-believe job. BTW, is the roadrunner the CEO of Acme Data?

Martha - Conservative Journalist Extroadinaire