Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Finally a voice of Reason!

As some of you know, I am a GM retiree so automotive news is of interest to me and as well as many in Michigan, the "Auto Capitol of the World"

This post was made by GM Vice President Bob Lutz on the the GM Blog. I salute Mr. Lutz for his bravely in publicly denouncing man-made Global Warming for that the educated know it to be, a Crock!

I urge you to take a moment to post your support for Mr. Lutz on the GM blog here

Talk About a Crock…
By Bob Lutz
GM Vice Chairman

It amazes me sometimes what kinds of things seem to “catch on” out there.
An offhand comment I made recently about the concept of global warming seems to have a lot of people heated, and it’s spreading through the Internet like ragweed. But I think that the people making a big deal out of it are missing the real point. My beliefs are mine and I have a right to them, just as you have a right to yours. But among my strongest beliefs is that my job is to do what makes the most business sense for GM.

Never mind what I said, or the context in which I said it. My thoughts on what has or hasn’t been the cause of climate change have nothing to do with the decisions I make to advance the cause of General Motors. My opinions on the subject — like anyone’s — are immaterial. Really. The point is not why and how did we get where we are, it’s what are we going to do to get where we’re going.
And I think that many of the people who’ve been spewing their virtual vitriol in my direction in the past week are guilty of taking the easy way out.

Instead of simply assailing me for expressing what I think, they should be looking at the big picture. What they should be doing, in earnest, is forming opinions not about me but about GM, and what this company is doing that is — and will continue to be — hugely beneficial to the very causes they so enthusiastically claim to support.

General Motors is dedicated to the removal of cars and trucks from the environmental equation, period. And, believe it or don’t: So am I! It’s the right thing to do, for us, for you and, yes, for the planet. My goal is to take the automotive industry out of the debate entirely. GM is working on just that – and we’re going to keep working on it — via E85, hybrids, hydrogen and fuel cells, and the electrification of the automobile.

The Chevrolet Volt program is occurring under my personal watch, because I -- and others in senior management -- believe in it. I fully expect that it will revolutionize the automotive industry, and I’m committed to seeing it successfully developed and in showrooms.

We're going forward with these programs because it makes good sense to do so — common sense. If it’s doable, why wouldn’t we do it? It would lead to nothing but good things: energy independence, lower emissions, and better air. Isn’t that what we all want?

As long as I am in this position at this company, GM will continue to take these initiatives and others that lessen, and eventually even eliminate, the environmental impact of the automobile. And that’s what people ought to be focusing on.

My post on the GM Blog;

Right on Mr. Lutz!
I am a GM retiree and its about time that someone has the guts to say out loud what a lot are thinking but are too afraid to voice.
Man-made Global Warming is a crock that the gullible and those who are too lazy to do their own research have swallowed hook, line and sinker. Those who have perpetuated the myth are the ones selling carbon credits and making the $$$ off the ignorant and fearful.
Unfortunately those of us who are rational and don't fall for junk science will be punished also by dacronican laws aimed at reducing something that doesn't exist!
Keep speaking the truth Mr. Lutz and by your example others will be embolden to do the same


Acme Data said...

Post my support of Bob Lutz? Hell no. He's part of the problem, as are you.

Please take the time to stop listening to Rush Limbaugh and the other right-wing talk shows. These folks meet regularly with governor Bush so he can help them "convey the message of freedom," of whatever BS he wants them to eagerly parrot to their audiences.

The "scientists" that refute the global warming phenomenon are typically employed by oil, coal companies and the "think tanks" that they fund. They are simply trying to perpetuate profit over people.

apackof2 said...

Your answer is typical of a liberal kool aid drinker, all hysterical fear-based rhetoric, and not one bit of evidence to back up your assertion. But then facts just get in the way of liberal agendas Nevertheless, here are a few of those "funny things" called FACTS

Mathematician & engineer Dr. David Evans, who did carbon accounting for the Australian Government: Evans noted how he benefited from climate fears as a scientist. “And the political realm in turn fed money back into the scientific community. By the late 1990's, lots of jobs depended on the idea that carbon emissions caused global warming. Many of them were bureaucratic, but there were a lot of science jobs created too. I was on that gravy train, making a high wage in a science job that would not have existed if we didn't believe carbon emissions caused global warming. And so were lots of people around me; and there were international conferences full of such people. And we had political support, the ear of government, big budgets, and we felt fairly important and useful (well, I did anyway).

Paleoclimatologist Tim Patterson, of Carlton University in Ottawa converted from believer in C02 driving the climate change to a skeptic. Patterson says his conversion “probably cost me a lot of grant money. However, as a scientist I go where the science takes me and not were activists want me to go.”

Al Gore defends his extraordinary personal energy usage by telling critics he maintains a "carbon neutral" lifestyle by buying "carbon offsets," but the company that receives his payments turns out to be partly owned and chaired by the former vice president himself.
Gore has built a "green money-making machine capable of eventually generating billions of dollars for investors, including himself, but he set it up so that the average Joe can't afford to play on Gore's terms," writes blogger Dan Riehl.

Nigel Calder is probably not a household name in America, as he used to be the editor of the British science magazine New Scientist, and is more recently an author and BBC screenwriter. With that as pretext, he wrote a column for the Sunday Times in which he absolutely slammed the recent hysteria and junk science surrounding anthropogenic global warming
No convincing evidence

“. . .(W)e do not currently have any convincing evidence or observations of significant climate change from other than natural causes,” writes “skeptic” Frederick Seitz, past president of the National Academy of Sciences, in a report released at the conference.
The conference's impressive line-up of scientists, some who worked on original International Panel on Climate Change studies, provide a second opinion drawn from the same original research _ minus self-interest and the IPCC agenda.

IPCC reports have been subject to government approval, compiled by scientists “almost all supported by government contracts” and paid for by government funds. The IPCC is “a political rather than scientific entity” whose summaries are written by “small group of activists,” says conference organizer S. Fred Singer, University of Virginia professor emeritus of environmental sciences.

To see the non-government, non-agenda driven view, read the “Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change” at
Bush's Ranch House 'Far More Eco-Friendly' Than Gore's
By Randy Hall Staff Writer/Editor
March 01, 2007

( - George Bush may be a nemesis of the global green movement and Al Gore its hero, but the president's home is arguably far more environmentally-friendly than the home of the man he defeated in the 2000 election.... The CEI's Lewis said the disparity between Gore's message on global warming and his power consumption reflected an "elitist mentality."

"The average soccer mom can't afford to plant trees in the rainforest in order to remain carbon neutral," he said.

"All these jet-setters' lives consist of going to conferences in other countries by burning jet fuel and staying in posh hotels where they keep the lights on all day and so on in order to tut-tut about how wasteful the rest of us are in our use of energy," he stated.

"They always make an exception for themselves because what they're doing is so important."