Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Citzens for Traditional Values

Please call your State Representative and urge them to vote YES on SB 776, which should be on the House floor for a vote THIS WEEK. Please also contact Governor Granholm and urge her to sign this bill into law. NOTE: The HOUSE is voting on a SENATE bill; please be aware to contact your HOUSE Representative about SENATE Bill 776.
Partial Birth Abortion Vote Coming May 21-22

Forces Finally Negotiate Their Surrender
After three weeks of sporadic negotiations, a tentative agreement to take up the PBA ban along with some bills regarding contraception seemed to be in place. As this week unfolded, however, no confirmation was forthcoming that the proabortion contingent in the House was prepared to stick to the deal. Finally, by Thursday afternoon, House Speaker Andy Dillon personally (face-to-face) assured RLM President Barb Listing that the vote would take place next week. While there is still reason to mistrust certain members of the proabortion forces, who may yet try to "blow up" the deal at the last minute, prolife House members are prepared to take whatever procedural action is necessary to see that the vote takes place.

RLM and prolife members have drawn a line in the sand for next week, and the battle will be engaged with or without the proaborts honoring their agreements. The extra time that has elapsed since Legislative Day has allowed us to continue to lobby the "softer prochoice" members of the House. We are picking up likely votes from among some of those members.

Call your State Representative and urge them to:

VOTE YES ON Senate Bill 776.

Especially If your State Representative is one of the following:Marc Corriveau, Andy Coulouris, Kate Ebli, Lee Gonzales, Richard Hammel, Gino Polidori, Richard LeBlanc, Matthew Gillard, Tim Melton, Shanelle Jackson, Bettie Scott, Virgil Smith
Our vote and our victory are within sight next week. One final push of lobbying and PRAYER should get us over the top.


Anonymous said...

LeBlanc is pro-life. Why should we call him?

apackof2 said...

The information posted is from Citizens for Traditional Values Action Alert so I can't answer your question

However I am sure CTV can:
Phone: (517) 321-1390

RightMichigan.com said...

"Pro-life" Democrats are listed because thus far they've blocked the bill, in essence abandoning their RTL endorsements.

That's why CTV is urging calls.


apackof2 said...

Thanks Nick!