Monday, May 12, 2008

Candidate Introduction: Chris Greenshields Candidate for Ingham County Sheriff

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Chris Greenshields, candidate for Ingham County Sheriff. Chris it running against Gene Wigglesworth, the long time incumbent Democrat.

This will be a tough race but I believe that with a candidate like Chris we have an excellent chance of unseating Gene Wigglesworth. Chris is extremely organized, a tireless campaigner, and has some great endorsements coming down the pipe (more on those in a soon to come update). However, more than that Chris is motivated by a deep desire to see long needed changes and to return the Ingham county sheriff’s dept into one that truly does "protect and serve" the community.

A short time ago, I had an opportunity to interview Chris

Chris what has motivated you to run?

I am a conservative that believes very strongly in limited government, upholding the rights of an individual’s civil liberties and property rights given to us by our Constitution. I grew up the son of an Ingham County Deputy. My father's job was true community policing as I watched him serve and protect the public. This ideology no longer exists in the Ingham County Sheriff’s Department.

It has become a machine bent on generating revenue through leasing jail space, seizing property as directed by family court and traffic enforcement. A corporate culture of greed and irresponsible spending runs through the current system.

I was a Deputy and a Rescue Diver under the current Sheriff and left because I objected to Gene Wigglesworth's policies.

Chris, what is your vision for the Ingham Co Sheriff’s dept?

I intend to restructure the Department to create an environment that rewards frugality, promotes individuals who help citizens, and restore the public’s respect for law enforcement. The Ingham County family of law enforcement has a broken home; I am determined to fix it.

Chris how can volunteers contact you to get involved in your campaign?

The Committee to Elect Chris Greenshields at Or you may e-mail Chris directly at

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