Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Please beware of paid canvassers approaching you to sign a petition that "would reduce pay for state legislators by 25 percent" or "to fix Michigan's economy or "to prevent a new income tax hike"

These paid canvassers are at John Ball Park Zoo in Grand Rapids to downtown Lansing, the Courthouse in Detroit, the Red Wings Parade, Owosso, Mount Pleasant, Jackson area supermarkets and elsewhere

The problem?


The Jackson Citizen Patriot and The Mount Pleasant Morning Sun have both run stories about canvassers deceit in obtaining signatures

In reality this petition is really about amending our state constitution!

According to Right Michigan
Under the proposed constitutional amendment:

Two (2) seats on the Supreme Court would be eliminated. It targets those with the least seniority, Justices Young and Markman, both Republicans re-elected in recent years by overwhelming margins. They'd lose their jobs as of December 20, 2008.

All seven (7) Court of Appeals seats up for grabs in 2010 would also be eliminated as of this December, cutting short by two years the terms of previously elected judges. Six of the Court of Appeals judges being targeted are generally considered to be "GOP." The seventh, Helene White, has been nominated by President Bush to take a seat on the federal bench and will be moving on anyways.

All judges would be subject to a pay cut beginning in 2009 that would reduce compensation to what the position garnered in the year 2000. Judges who took the bench before 1997 have their pensions calculated on their final salary. The paycut, in essence, would force these judges to chose between early retirement and significant long-term financial penalties. One judicial insider who spoke on condition of anonymity claims that in theory up to half the judgeships in the state could suddenly go vacant. While that could create major delays and case back logs it would also provide Jennifer Granholm with the ability, in one sweeping set of action, to appoint half the bench in the State of Michigan.

The Judicial Tenure Commission would be rebuilt including an affirmative action provision mandating the makeup of reflect the population of the State of Michigan.

The House of Representatives would be reduced to eighty-two (82) members. The Senate to twenty-eight (28). New district lines would be drawn according to strange provisions requiring "competitive" apportionment. Half would be drawn with a majority Dem base, half with a majority GOP base while four (4) Senate seats and nine (9) House seats would be restricted to a maximum 53% base from either political party.

A new redistricting commission would be created with four (4) Democrats and four (4) Republicans and a ninth "non-partisan" member serving as chair. The ninth member would be selected by no fewer than six of the other eight members. If an agreement on the ninth cannot be reached each Party would submit a name and then toss a coin.

The redistricting plans also require six of nine votes for passage. Without the requisite number each Party submits its own redistricting plan for approval of the "non-partisan" chair. The "non-partisan" chair who may actually be a Democrat selected by the flip of a coin. Once this "non-partisan" chair approves plans from each side another coin is tossed deciding district boundaries statewide.

The new ballot initiative is being actively circulated statewide by Progressive Campaigns Inc.with big dollars behind it, though whose are anybody's guess (the smart money is on one Mr. John Stryker, the one man with a deep-seeded desire to liberalize the courts and the money to pull it off... with a big assist from the Michigan Democrats).

The same Jon Stryker who "Democratic control of the Michigan House is largely attributable to homosexual activist billionaire Jon Stryker of Kalamazoo, who contributed $5 million of his own funds during the 2006 election to an independent expenditure campaign to unseat the then Republican majority.

Foreman during his remarks Friday credited Stryker in part for homosexual activists’ political successes in 2006: “It was leaders like Jon Stryker…who helped fund campaigns to take out bigots and elect pro-(Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender) candidates.”
American Famiy Asociation of Michigan

Imagine that,a liberal organization basically committing fraud to amend our state Constitution! OUTRAGEOUS!



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