Saturday, July 5, 2008

FBI Has Evidence Against Conyers


Our reporting partners at the Detroit News are reporting that the FBI has electronic surveillance that links Detroit City Council President Pro Tem Monica Conyers to the Synagro scandal.

The evidence reportedly proves that Conyers received either a payment or payments in connection with the city-approved sludge contract.Conyers was a vocal opponent of the $47 million a year Synagro contract, but changed her position and eventually voted for the deal when it passed by 5-4 vote in November.

The FBI is also looking into the involvement of, and possible payments to several other people in connection with the Synagro deal. Another, unnamed member of Council is also reportedly the focus of the investigation.

The investigation has also touched Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and Council President Ken Cockrel, Jr. Cockrel's former chief of staff John Clark resigned after it was reported that he had been videotaped taking a bribe.

Mayor Kilpatrick's father Bernard Kilpatrick (regular family affair!)name has surfaced in the investigation, as has that of Michael Tardif, a member of the Democratic National Committee, and adviser to the mayor. Cockrel has said he is not a target of the investigation, Kilpatrick says he had no involvement in the Synagro deal.

Other names that have surfaced in connection with the scandal include Grand Rapids businessman James Rosendall, who represented Synagro in the deal, and Rayford Jackson, a local business man who was involved in the deal. Since the scandal broke, Rosendall has been suspended by Synagro, which also stopped all payments to Jackson.

Sam Riddle, an ex-aide to Councilwoman Conyers says he has also been investigated by the FBI, but told reporters that he had refused a request to wear a wire. Riddle also says he does not think he has billed Conyers for any work since September or October.

The FBI investigation into the Synagro deal is part of a larger investigation into City hall which is examining contracts that were issued over several year, including contract related to Cobo Hall.

Is there any shady/illegal deal that Kwame and his posse isn't involved in?
Evidently not

And Governor Granholm just watches from the wings while Michigan's largest city disintegrates and becomes fodder for late night talk shows and signs pointing to Indiana become even more inticing!

How about some leadership Governor Granholm?!!

Stay tuned as this "Felliniesque" side show continues...

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