Monday, July 21, 2008

Tell John McCain Not to Get Suckered into Liberal Propaganda on Global Warming


When it comes to perpetrating the MYTH of Global Warming, former Vice President Al Gore may be dispensing the Kool-Aid, but Senator John McCain is certainly swallowing it. The Left is using the MYTH of Global Warming as an excuse to raise taxes on American families, bash business, expand government regulation and revive their discredited socialist ideology.

And John McCain -- a man we respect and honor -- has been falling for it.
This is what The Wall Street Journal says about McCain's stance:
"This is one of those issues where Mr. McCain indulges his 'maverick' tendencies, which usually means taking the liberal line. That was the case yesterday... His plan... requires an expensive, invasive government bureaucracy to interfere with the market."

More on the phoney man-made global warming and other enivromental wackos here

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