Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Election in a Nutshell

Race+Economy(what can my government do for me)+new voters (young and naive about life and usually vote straight ticket)+liberal white guilt+Bush Hater Syndrome+GOP Candidate who WAS NOT Conservative (think Reagan)+just plan ignorant+so called "christians" who had idols (race, economy other issues)a head of the Lord and his will (abortion & homosexuality IS sin+group think=Obama in 08

However, lets look at some of the victories.

In California no less, approved a ban on gay marriage.Voters in Arizona and Florida also approved a ban on gay marriage.

Also in California, Proposition 4-Minor Abortion
which was a Parental notification if a minor wants an abortion, Passed

And Proposition 7 (which is really Obama's energy plan) plan also defeated by 72%!

Proposition 7, which would have required that California’s electric utilities get half of their power from renewable sources by 2025 (the current requirement is 20 percent by the end of 2010), was easily defeated with 65 percent of voters casting ballots against the measure which included an unusual alliance of environmentalists and public utilities, which are not covered by current requirements but would be folded into the new mandates argued that, as drafted, the initiative would have driven up electricity rates,( ya mean like bankrupting coal power plants?) stalled the state’s already steady shift to clean power and strangled small alternative-energy companies.

So even California environmentalists reject Obama's "energy" policies

Bankrupt coal plants and 150 billion for 10 years and we'll be totally free of gas!

So remember folks, this election IS NOT a repudiation of conservatism.

Take some time, grieve, be angry and get some well deserved rest
Because we have planning, strategy and fighting to do.

Let's Roll!

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