Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Violent Attack by Anarchist Terrorists Group on Lansing, Michigan Church

Mt.Hope Church in Lansing, MI was invaded and attacked by a radical Homosexual/Transgender Anarchist Group this past Sunday

This is a "mega" church I attended for many years. It is a Full Gospel church and I know the pastor personally and he is a Godly man.

Details of the attack were posted on RightMichigan HERE and HERE

In a nut shell, Bash Back a self described "queers and trannies" anarchists group infiltrated "the congregation, on the main floor and in the balcony. "Jesus was gay," they shouted among other profanities and blasphemies as they rushed the stage. Some forced their way through rows of women and kids to try to hang a profane banner from the balcony while others began tossing fliers into the air. Two women made their way to the pulpit and began to kiss"

They also "ran down the aisles and across the pews, hoping against hope to catch a "right winger" on tape daring to push back (none did). And just in case their camera missed the target, they had a reporter in tow. According to a source inside the church yesterday there was a "journalist" from the Lansing City Pulse along for the ride, tipped off about the action and more interested in getting a story than in preventing the vandalism, the violence and anti-Christian hatred being spewed by the lefties."

Fire alarms were pulled

Church security went into action and the Eaton County Sheriff's arrived

I called The Eaton County Sheriff's dept wanting to know why the attackers were not arrested for trespass onto private property?

However because today is Veteran's Day the office was closed.
I intend to call tomorrow and I encourage others to call to find out why the Eaton County Sheriff's Dept. did not arrest the intruders.
The phone number is 517.543.3512

I called the church today to encourage them to prosecute. Church property IS private property and also false fire alarms are misdemeanours
Not to mention the fear the congregation and children experienced with an spontaneous attack on their church on a Sunday afternoon.

If these domestic terrorists are not accountable for their actions, it will only embolden them for the next attack

The media spoke person for Mt. Hope Church send me this press release

Violent Disruption at Local Assembly

Mount Hope Church Visited by Homosexual/Transgender Anarchist Group

On Sunday, November 9, 2008 at the 11:30 AM services the people of Mount Hope Church were shocked by an unwelcome violent demonstration by a homosexual/transgender anarchist group
based in Chicago, IL.

The group threw fliers at churchgoers and shouted sentiments such as, “It’s okay to be gay” and “Jesus was a homo” during a Sunday morning service. The Eaton County Sheriff’s office was called and the illegal demonstration ceased.

Mount Hope churchgoers were unclear as to what the purpose of the demonstration was. One churchgoer commented on the “lack of civility” in the demonstration and said, “There must be a better way for this group to advance their perceived cause.”

The group’s blog states that they were “targeting a well known anti-queer, anti-choice, radical right wing establishment” and stated that they would have a “militant” looking presence outside
of the building.

The leadership of Mount Hope Church does not attempt to identify the church as anti-homosexual,anti-choice, or right wing. The church does take the Bible at face value and believes what the Bible says to be the truth.

According to the Bible, Mount Hope Church believes homosexuality to be a sin, just as fornication, stealing, drunkenness, and lying are sins. No sin greater than the next. Mount Hope Church strives to follow Jesus’ example of loving the sinner but not the sin while helping people change their lives for God’s glory and their improved quality of life.

Mount Hope Church also recognizes that to each person God grants freewill. Mount Hope Church has groups to help people caught up in unwanted sexual sin, drug abuse,and many other areas. If you are in need please contact the church by calling 517.327.HOPE.

David J. Williams, Communications Director

Mount Hope Church
• 202 S. Creyts Rd.
• Lansing, MI 48917
• 517.321.2780
• 517.321.6332 fax
email - mhc@mounthopechurch.org

Why now? Could the boldness be another result of an Obamanation?
If so, should we not expect more attacks on churches?

Barack Obama's stance on homosexuality

Being gay or lesbian is not a choice. (Nov 2007)
Decisions about marriage should be left to the states. (Oct 2007)
Homosexuality no more immoral than heterosexuality. (Oct 2007)
Ok to expose 6-year-olds to gay couples; they know already. (Sep 2007)
Has any marriage broken up because two gays hold hands? (Aug 2007)
We need strong civil unions, not just weak civil unions. (Aug 2007)
Legal rights for gays are conferred by state, not by church. (Aug 2007)
Disentangle gay rights from the word "marriage". (Aug 2007)
Gay marriage is less important that equal gay rights. (Aug 2007)
Gay rights movement is somewhat like civil rights movement. (Aug 2007)
Let each denominations decide on recognizing gay marriage. (Jul 2007)
Supports health benefits for gay civil partners. (Oct 2006)
Opposes gay marriage; supports civil union & gay equality. (Oct 2006)
Marriage not a human right; non-discrimination is. (Oct 2004)
Include sexual orientation in anti-discrimination laws. (Jul 1998)

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