Friday, March 6, 2009

Just in..Union Spending in Michigan

Mackinac Center for Public Policy

MIDLAND — In 2008 the state of Michigan made union dues and agency fees payments in excess of $17.6 million to six union organizations, according to state documents obtained through a Freedom of Information request filed by Paul Kersey, director of labor policy at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy.

This figure covers state government employees only;

...The following unions received "membership dues" payments from the state:

UAW Local 6000 $5,838,655.20
Michigan Corrections Organization (SEIU Local 526M) $4,959,645.28

SEIU Local 517M $2,433,129.78

Michigan State Employees Association (AFSCME Local 5) $2,187,813.60

Michigan State Police Troopers Association

AFSCME Council 25

TOTAL: $17,595,198.81

...Unions typically claim that political activism and lobbying make up a modest portion of their activities, but both SEIU and AFSCME records show political spending making up more than 10 percent of their budget. Kersey found that many unions attempted to characterize political activism as representation or charitable activity, meaning that the actual percentage is likely to be higher.

Complete report Union Spending in Michigan: A Review of Union Financial Disclosure Reports

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