Saturday, August 22, 2009


As many of you know, John Mackey, CEO of the national chain store Whole Foods. Last week, The CEO’s Blog Mr. Mackey wrote an op-ed saying we need health care reform but not Obama “Care”

The Liberals reaction was to boycott Whole Foods, which is their right to do so. It's also our right to support Whole Foods by patronized their stores!

To find a store their you got to the Web site
At the top you will see Find your store: where you can put it your zip code
If there is not a store near you, sign up for the Newsletter HERE:

Unfortunately there are no Whole Food stores in my locale and I am a “health food junkie” however I did sign up for the Newsletter. I receive my first one and there are great ideas for tasty healthy foods and yummy recipes.

You may also Follow Whole Foods on Twitter HERE

And on Face Book HERE

And yes, but of course… you can even join a
on Face Book

And even if you are not presently an aficionado of Health Foods, you may just decide to try that Soy Burger and try out a recipe or two..and who knows YOU too may just become a “health food junkie”

Ahhh.. the potential benefits of a good counter strike ;-)


Grammy Cracker said...

I've been shopping Whole Foods for years, despite the Republican-bashing, global warming and 'end the war now' bumper stickers affixed to the Prius' in the parking lot. I choose to eat organic foods and there is no better source than Whole Foods. It would be nice to see a few more conservatives there!

If you live in SE Michigan, the new store in Rochester (corner of Adams & Walton) is amazing! It's worth the trip just to see the place. What Cabela's is to sportsmen, this place is to foodies! The made-to-order brick-oven pizza is a must-try, and you can sample a wine or two at the Wine Bar while you wait....

apackof2 said...

Foodie Road Trip anyone??

Conservative Pup said...

I wrote about this too, after discovering the message forum at the Whole Foods company website. It was really hot last weekend. Interesting, how liberals have no facts nor logic to back up any statements they make, and when challenged, resort to 5th grade level name-calling.

Good post! I love Whole Foods too, don't have one very close, but go every time we are in that city.