Wednesday, August 12, 2009

While Focused on Socialized Medicine,Al Gore Builds Grassroots Army for Cap-N-Trade

Keep your friends close but your enemies closer..Sun Tzu (400 B.C.), author of On the Art of War

Its natural that most people tend to socialize and build alliances and coalitions with those who have similiar views with their own. However, when fighting a war, and make no doubt, we are in a war with those who wish to replace our Republic with another form of government that is the antheisis of a Democratic Republic, we need to know the enemey.

We need to be monitoring ,as unplesant as it can be, reading what they read,watching their blogs, groups, following them on social networking sites, like Twitter etc, so that we may be better equipped for the battle.

In that vein and with a little help from my friend Eileen,... "Just a heads up -- maybe you know this, but Al Gore's political committee for climate change has a VERY organized effort going on right now at the grassroots level state by state, including hiring field staff (I met one of them) for Cong. Districts to find volunteers/writers, etc. to push the Senate to vote on Cap and Trade in September. (Gore’s two groups—the Alliance for Climate Protection and The Climate Project—are putting thousands of “boots on the ground” in key congressional districts around the country to help build momentum for climate legislation.

In order to win this struggle, we have to go to the constituents of the Congress,” Gore told Grist recently. “Just laying the facts on the table and playing an inside-the-Beltway game is not going to do it on this issue. We have to win the feelings and opinions of voters in the country as a whole ... We have to go to the grassroots.”)

We never know when that vote will get pushed in light of the health care issue--but the fact that GORE is this organized tells me they may try and push it through... you have a great grassroots networks so I wanted you to be aware ---

Wouldn't it be just like Obama to push this while everyone else is focused on the Healthcare debate..."

Yes Eileen, it certainly would!

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