Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wish a Soldier a Merry Christmas - Remembering our Veterans

Bobby Vinton wrote this song when he was serving in the Military. A lonely soldier, who never received any mail (no goody boxes, no care packages, no home baked cookies, no Halloween candy, no cards, no letters).

On Face book:

First of all THANK YOU ALL!!! This cause is doing tremendous because of each of you taking the time to get involved. We appreciate the cards and prepaid boxes that have been received. You are all going to make such an impact in the lives of the soldiers who will receive these. Just think...if each one of you send just 3 cards, EVERY SOLDIER in Iraq AND Afghanistan will receive a card leaving thousands extra to go to troops in other countries.

As the number of people continue to grow, the same questions seem to be popping up. So here are some answers to the questions that may be hidden around on this page.

1. Do we sign our name?
Soldiers like the personal connection, but you certainly don’t have to if you are not comfortable.

2. Do we put a return address or email?
Some soldiers like to keep in contact with those that have touched their lives while they are so far from home. However, we do understand that some of you wish not to. For those that do not wish to, we are going to include some post cards with the cards for the soldiers to write back and then post them on the site.

3. Do we seal the envelopes?
Please do NOT seal the envelopes. Unfortunately some of the cards do have messages that we would not wish any of these men or women to read while they are serving this country.

4. Do we need to include a stamp on the cards?
No, you do not. We are sending these cards in bulk to chaplains and other service members to be distributed.

5. Can we have school aged children draw pictures?
Absolutely, these men and women love getting pictures from children and many of them have children of their own waiting for them at home. For those of you doing it with classes, please include the school address for the soldier to write back to.

6. Where do we mail the cards?
Amanda Sullivan
Operation Christmas Cards
PO Box 102
Shrewsbury MA 01545

7. Can we send donations instead of cards?
Because of the generosity displayed by so many of you wanting to do more, we have gone ahead to the next step for this.
Checks can now be made payable to "Operation Christmas Cards" and mailed to the address above.

Again, THANK YOU all for supporting these men and women this holiday season though they deserve it year round.

Please feel free to ask any questions that you may have.

Thank you,
Amanda and Michelle

Also, I just received this for anyone who is interested in expressing support for the victims of Fort Hood. You may send your cards and letters here:

Ft. Hood Public Affairs Building
1001 RM. W105
Fort Hood, TX 76544

Courtesy of Stephanie S. Jasky, Founder, Director - those son is serving in the Army

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