Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Say it Out Loud;We're the Party of NO and Proud!

The latest charge level against Republicans/Conservatives by the Obama regime, is to label the opposition, “the party of no”

Well what is wrong with that?

Of course anyone who believes in the Constitution would naturally be saying “NO!”

NO to an unconstitutional mandate in a bill forcing every American to buy a service

NO to unsustainable government orgy of spending

NO to the erosion of personal liberties, by a government take over of individual health care choices

NO to a government bill that mandates the light bulb or appliance that a citizen must use

NO to the fraud of global warming pushed by the Obama regime, that could cost individual families up to $2,000 per year in increase utilities

NO to Card check” that robs a citizen of their right to vote privacy

NO to appointed “czars”

NO to the taxation without representation of the so- called stimulus bills

NO to a 1.7 Trillion dollar deficit and growing

NO to government take over of private industries (GM)

NO to every unconstitutional and draconian government control bill that the progressives have thrown out the past year

NO, NO a thousand times NO! a 1.7 trillion times NO!

If you child wanted to get drunk and then drive hot rod and drive would you say yes?

Of course not, because you know that it wouldn’t be in their best interest!

Saying No is in the best interests of your constituents and your country!

So Republicans, Conservatives… own the “NO!”

Rob the Obama regime of a silly whiny accusation! Throw it back in their face!

NO is constitutional, NO is right, NO is in the best interest of my constituents, of America, of Americans

Ok are you ready! Say it out loud, “WE ARE THE PARTY OF “NO” AND PROUD!



'Sandie' said...

Amen Sister!


apackof2 said...

Seems like a no brainer to me...wonder why our "leaders" haven't thought about it? HMMMMmm...get on the ball or get out!