Friday, January 23, 2009

ACTION ALERT-Say "NO" to Geithner's nomination


Tim Geithner, Barack Obama's nominee for Treasury Secretary should not be confirmed.Geithner failed to pay over $34,000 in taxes over four years. He only recently coughed up some of the money when the vetting process exposed him.

Geithner called them "careless mistakes... avoidable... unintentional"

But it is much worse than that. A 2006 IRS audit exposed him but Geithner didn't pay the taxes he owed for two of the years that were outside the statute of limitations. In other words, he knew he was in the wrong for four years...but only paid up for two years due to a technicality!

Geithner's employer actually PAID him an extra allowance for these taxes she didn't pay. And Geithner even signed a statement promisingto pay the taxes: "I will pay the taxes for which I have received tax allowance payments."

Now we're to believe he was "careless" and this happened because the man who is to be the Treasury Secretary in charge of collecting taxes from you and me messed up on TurboTax? On top of this, Geithner employed an illegal alien for domestic help. And he has been right in the middle of the failed TARP bailout that has already cost taxpayers tens of billions of dollars.!

Action Item: Call your senators and oppose Geithner.
Say "NO" to Geithner's nomination.

Here are your numbers for Michigan's Senators:
Sen. Levin 202-224-6221
Sen. Stabenow 202-224-4822

Also call Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and urge him to take a principled stand against Geithner:

Minority Leader McConnell: 202-224-3135

Talking Points:
1. The Senate should NOT confirm Geithner as Treasury Secretary.
2. Geithner knowingly failed to pay his taxes, even after an IRS audit exposed his "mistake."
3. As the person responsible for collecting taxes from every American, his failure should disqualify him.

Of course, the liberal media is saying this is a non-issue. The RHINOS in the Senate say those who oppose Geithner are "thinking in small political terms."They want us to believe the Geithner is the only man in America who can save us from total economic meltdown!

But of course, he couldn't properly file his own taxes and only finally paid up when it looked like it might be an issue in his confirmation.

How can you get away with only paying for two years when your audited for four??

Can we now all use this excuse, "Oh sorry Mr. Taxman, that darn Turbo Tax, but I'll pay, promise!"

Welcome to the Obamanation...and welcome to the Resistance!

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joe palinspired said...

nice post. also spread the word that 1 800 - goog - 411 can be used to make free calls to your senator. takes a while to get the hang of it since you cant give the number you want.