Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Buy Michigan-Way Cool!

Some of you may know, others may not that my goal has been to sell my home and RV full time. Well the economic events of the last several years have made being a home seller darn right difficult!

However that is still the goal and I press on. As such, I still maintain a contact with the RV World through various Forums and with a subscription to TrailerLife Magazine which is where I ran across this small article of a unique RV product, "Way Cool Hauler" made by the Clawson, Michigan-based American Recreational Vehicle (ARV) company.

The "Way Cool Hauler" is just that, a toy hauler than can haul your boat, sea-doo (Of special interest to the many Great Lakes boaters) car, motorcycles, ATV, or just about any other grown-up toy.

It used to be that you had to decide between taking the trailer or the boat on your trip but no more. Through the technology invented by American RV, this one of a kind hauler has made it possible to pull two trailers down the road as if they were one!

Moreover, anyone familiar with the interiors of most toy haulers know they are spartan and less than comfy. Not so with the Way Cool Hauler. It's interior appointments are superior for comfortability

Additionally, American RV has other products in the works including a fifth wheel.

Kudos to American RV for the invention of completely new technology that enables boaters and campers the ability to do both, in comfort and style.

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