Saturday, May 30, 2009

After Action Report-Counter Protest of HR 676 Rally

It turned out to be a beautiful day for a counter protest as an over cast sky turned bright blue and the sun shone.
About 45 -50 patriots heeded the Grassroots in Michigan call for a counter protest of the leftist rally in support of the "cradle to grave" socialized medicine bill HR 676. We came from from Lansing, Kalamazoo, Greenville, Holt and Grand Rapids.

As planned we all met up at Calder Plaza by the big red statue between noon and 12:45 and headed out the the protest location, the Federal Building at 1:00. The leftist had only between 12-20 at any given time and were taken completely by surprise by our number.

We were up close and personal engaging in discussion with the leftist/Socialist/Marxist.
One of ours on the right bringing the truth the socialist on the left.

However as usual when dealing with the leftist/socialist/Marxist its not long before the vitriol comes spewing out. It's seems to be their natural reaction when confronted with facts and common sense. One woman repeatedly called me "bitter, stingy, mean spirited" This same woman proudly proclaimed herself a socialist and said that's what America needed and told me and I quote, "You are not bright enough to decide what to do with you money so we will decide for you" One man suggested I should step a little farther out into the road as to get hit by a passing car and of course no protest is complete without at least least one leftist giving you the bird! And its in the leftist/socialists/Marxist handbook to always, always have at least one sign about war,even if it has nothing to do with the reason of your rally/protest.

At about 2:45pm one of the Grand Rapids Press showed up and I gave an interview.

After my interview the opposition organizer, while shaking his head begrudging told me "You did a great job organizing" Well thanks guy
With the job done we headed back to our homes. Big thank you to all the patriots who participated! God Bless America!

Don't Tread on Me big government!

More right wing extremists


From Bay City
and yours truly from Holt
(greater Lansing area)

From Kalamazoo

From Grand Rapids
(who decided to take up a postion across the street)

Indicatations are that the liberals are ramming this committee and this bill could be up for vote as soon as August. We need to act NOW
What can you do?

• Email, call, fax, or write your representatives
• Write a Letter to the Editor
• Post to opinion sections of newspaper websites
• Call talk radio
• Send information to your entire email address book
• Talk to your friends, family, and neighbors about the facts

Contact information links, nationwide:

House of Represenatives

White House

As with many issues, Reagan was able to articulate basic principles in a way that is timeless
Click here to listen to the audio
(Audio link couresty of Grassroots in Nebraska

To get additional information on the bill, click on one of the links below:



Bruce Fealk said...

What human being would Jesus not want to have health care?

You don't seem so pro-life to me. 20,000 people die an early death due to the lack of health care.

live dangerously said...

Nice work you.
We're trying in Muskegon. Hope to organize some city township government learning sessions.
Keep it up.
Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative