Monday, May 4, 2009

This is what comes from NOT thinking…and lack of leadership

This is what comes from NOT thinking…and lack of leadership

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This particular instance of Rep. Barrett just reveals some of the many symptoms of the cancers that are eating away at this country. Neither the organizers, nor for sure, could the “Honorable” Barrett possibly “get it”.

Let’s leave the Tea Party organizers out of it, though.

Just how completely out of touch with reality must a U.S. Congressman be to show up to speak at an event, the very purpose of which is to protest, among other things, the thing he himself had done?

He deserved every bit of scorn he received that day. The only thing that requires more utter ignorance than showing up to speak at a Tea Party is that he stayed on the stage so long.

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Jameson Cunnigham said...


I see you've posted a few times on Rep. Thad McCotter before and thought you would like to see his speech from the Tea Party in Plymouth, MI a couple weeks back ( Please e-mail me back if you would like to be put on our distribution list for releases and media appearances that you can feel free to ingest and post. Let me know.


Jameson Cunningham
Press Secretary
Rep. Thaddeus McCotter