Thursday, March 1, 2007

And so it begins...

And so it begins... Well I have been thinking about doing this for a long time and finally took that 1st step that so we often procrastinate over or is that just me?

The main purpose of this blog is catalog my RVing adventures and give friends and family the opportunity to "drive along" so to speak that is.....when I finally get my RV! I have a very nice house I need to sell first...more on that later

Of course an added benefit is pontificating my 2 cents! LOL

Its been a year long journey now researching RVs (rigs) and the lifestyle.
I've subscripted to TrailerLife, MotorHome mags, a Life on Wheels Conference, an Escapees Escapde and I am currently on several RVing Forums.
Did I mention I like to research?

Anyhoot the biggest consideration in deciding what RV to purchase besides the $$$ aspect is, What kind of camping do you want to do? Mostly plan on staying in RV parks and campgrounds, or are you a boondocker at heart? Want to stay in one place awhile or plan on moving every week?

For me I decided a little of both! And the kind of Rving I choose allows me to do both and more economically too!

Part of the whole RVing thing is figure out where I want to plant my self permanently
So if I find a spot that I really like, then I'll stay longer
And I do like to be "far from the maddening crowd" so I also plan on doing my share of boondocking

So for me, I choose a truck and travel trailer (TT) for several reasons

1. $$$$ Motorhomes generally cost more. And most Motorhomes (MH) even the small ones only get 8 mpg! and thats without towing a car (toad)

2. With a MH and my choice was a small 23.5 Lazy Daze, you either have to unplug if your camping to run to the store/sight-see etc OR you tow a toad

3. Accessibility. I can take my truck even with the TT places that most MH can't go

4. Having a car to use while on the road. I can drop the TT and use by truck to scout and sight-see with

5. Good re-sale value. You can do much better selling a truck and a small TT than most MH. In addition you can do even better if you choose a quality rig and know where to sell it! (More about this later)

Ok got to go but before I do a *WARNING*

I am one of the world's worst spellers

So I WILL try to correct any spelling errors however if one slips by, sorry and as that old song goes..

Its my blog and I'll misspell if I want to, misspell if I want to, misspell if I want to, you'd misspell too if you were the world's worst speller too!

Happy Trails!

RV Wanna-be
Maddie the Wonderdog

"See the USA in your Chevrolet!"

"No freeman shall be debarred the use of arms "
--Thomas Jefferson: Draft Virginia Constitution 1776. Papers 1:353


Sluggo54 said...

Well, Joanie - it's about time you responded to your legions of adoring fans! Keep the irreverence coming. Well, not religious irreverence - societal irreverence.
Here's another for you:

You'll enjoy this. Lots of pretty colors...

I wish you success and joy, and a pupperoni for Maddie, the wonder dog.

He's been there, saw the elephant.

apackof2 said...


Thanks for stopping by and the link!

I ALWAYS appreciate wit & wisdom.

Maybe you can add a comment or two about fulltime RVing next stop

Like Red Green saids,
"We're all in this together"