Saturday, March 10, 2007


As a follow up to my ACTION ALERT on Gov. Granholm's proposed 2% Service Tax

An informative article appeared in The Wall Street Journal Opinion page

The article blasts Gov. Granholm's $1 billion in new fees and tax increases.

"She would tax trucking, shopping, smoking, hunting, fishing, drinking beer and liquor, using a cell phone and, yes, even dying"

Some more of the sobering facts presented:

"Comerica Inc. was founded in 1849 in Detroit and the Detroit Tigers play in Comerica Park, announced it is moving its headquarters to Dallas--where, it said, the bigger growth opportunities are."

"the Governor wants to create a new corporate income tax as well as a new 2% excise tax on upwards of 100 business services. The net effect would be to raise Michigan's overall business tax burden."

"A new analysis by economist David Littman of the Mackinac Center reveals that the per capita income in the state fell to its lowest level in 75 years in 2005, relative to the national average."

"her budget would increase spending by 2.2% and pay off the teachers unions that support her with a new $178 per pupil spending increase, most of which would be absorbed by the bureaucracy and never see a classroom."

"according to the Governor's own Financial Advisory Panel, the state has amassed a $35 billion unfunded liability in its public-school health and retirement benefits. The state spends a whopping $1,200 per student per year on teacher and administrator benefits."

Republicans lost the state House last fall, but they still control the Senate and are vowing to fight the Governor's tax increases. We hope they succeed lest the state continue to lose taxpayers and business to more favorable climes.

Contact your state rep, and contact, Mike Bishop, Senate Majority leader, here:
Tell him/her you support the The Business and Economic Stimulus Tax (BEST) proposal will stimulate economic growth, expand jobs and increase business investment by cutting the taxes of Michigan's job providers by $290 million.

It is NOT an understatement to say that the future of Michigan is in the balance!

I love Michigan, I was born here. Its natural beauty is breathtaking, the Great Lakes, the forests, the many inland lakes... and NOW is the time to fight for her future!!

Will you join me?


A small moment in time, for the future of Michigan

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