Monday, March 26, 2007

One Step Closer to the Road

Well today's my birthday and today is the day the FOR SALE BY OWNER SIGN goes in the yard!

I decided to wait until my birthday as a symbolic gesture that selling my house will my birthday gift to me!!

BTW I also won, at the Home& Garden show 4 free hours of moving from the local moving company!

Now I usually don't win free stuff so I am taking as a sign...

However I am not fooling myself.
Selling by owner in a buyers market is a REAL challenge!

I have done all I can to prepare my house and have a marketing plan.
The rest is in the Lord's hands and I will give Him all the glory for the sale, knowing the difficulty.

However I will plug the site where my house is listed:

So if your looking for a house or know someone looking for a house, I know a great one listed there!!

Although, its kinda ironic that your house will never look better than when you are selling it! Almost makes ya want to keep it....almost

But the road beckons and I am itching to answer!

More to follow...


Dasher said...

What a wonderful idea!

Enjoy your trip and keep the Blog going!

I'll read about your adventures while I'm sweating over a hot laptop!

nascarnation said...


nascarnation said...

Joanie has left the building.
Thank you and good night...

apackof2 said...

Well at least I am finally headed towards the door!