Thursday, March 15, 2007

Back to RVing and Selling my House!!


Got a little hectic, as there is so much going on in our world that needs moral commentary. Despite what some may try to foster, there ARE moral absolutes, that when violated effect the rest of society.

So anyway back to RVing!

I haven't written much as I am kinda at a stalemate. I need to sell my house before purchasing my rig (RV).

I have been putting the final touches on my house and I will list it in less than 2 weeks! But here is the kicker!

I MUST list as a For Sale by Owner. Now I sold my first house this way and its easy. However this is a much different market, a buyers market. there are lots of houses for sale and most people don't need to look for a FSBO.

Plus, as you may know if you have been reading my posts, Michigan is in a one-state recession. However I am fortunate to live in a community that isn't as effected as some other areas of the state and with a desirable school system.

Sooooooo that means I need to get my house noticed and spend a little more money on advertising. I will list my house on , which is a pay for service and of course my local and free

And there are some other good and FREE sites for listing,such as and

So say a prayer that I sell this summer!
The sooner I sell, the sooner I can buy my rig, truck and start my adventure!

More on RVing later today...

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