Thursday, March 8, 2007

Beware of "Liberal-Speak"

I thought I would post the answer I received from my State Senator in answer to the e-mail I send her voicing my opposition to Gov. Granholm's proposed 2% Service Tax.
(Red text hi-lighted by me)

Thank you very much for taking the time to contact my office and share your concerns.
The Governor's proposal to put Michigan's financial house in order has stirred some deep emotions. I am hearing very strong sentiments from both sides of this issue, some arguing for a revenue increase and some arguing for cutting our way out of this fiscal crisis.

The way in which this Legislature responds to the current crisis will, in large measure, define Michigan for both this and the next generation. An independent bipartisan panel was established by Governor Granholm to assess the current state government financial situation and offer recommendations on how best to address the situation now and in years to come.

That panel termed this situation as the *most serious financial crisis in many years* due to a weak economy, tax cuts, spending pressures and no real government reform. They concluded that we cannot solely cut or tax our way out of our current fiscal situation.

Fundamentally, Michigan must reform its spending and taxing and must reinvent the way state and local governments deliver services to be more efficient and productive. Government must demonstrate value for every dollar spent.

The depth and breadth of this crisis and the fundamental need for investment demand a comprehensive response.
While no definitive plan or combination of plans has yet to take shape before the Legislature, four elements will undoubtedly be considered to solve our budget problems: A fundamental reform of both spending and taxes; Create a modern tax structure that abandons the focus on the economic system for the 20th Century and looks to the developing economy of the new century; End the disinvestment in education and those other assets that define the quality of life that knowledge-based workers seek*cultural offerings, natural resources and vibrant cities; and Develop a fiscal plan that includes a combination of revenue increases, spending cuts, and reform of how public services are delivered.

I greatly appreciate your letting me know your position on this important issue. Please do not hesitate to continue to share your thoughts as we move through the budget process during the next few months.

Very truly yours,
Gretchen Whitmer
State Senator
23rd District

Ok now allow me to translate this e-mail from political lock step liberalism to laymen's terms:

I am treading a thin line here. I know nobody likes new taxes but I have to maintain a loyalty to my party's woman in the governor's office and my role model and besides I really do believe in more taxes! However I have to frame it to convince taxpayers that cutting taxes are actually part of Michigan's problem and then I can hood wink my constituents into believing that a new tax in a recession is a good thing. Plus this will help the governor's plan to pass out a free education to everyone as we know the taxpayers will be shouldering this one too
And if it does happen to blow up in my face, I can always blame the Republicans on the independent bipartisan panel.

Now I knew in advance that I couldn't expect much from Gretchen Whitmer and she didn't disappoint!

BTW be afraid, be very afraid when liberals start talking about, "reinvent the way state and local governments", "modern tax structure", "vibrant cities" (remember the gov's "Cool Cities" programs??) and "revenue increases".

Those ALWAYS translate into = Costing YOU, the Michigan taxpayer

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