Friday, August 8, 2008

After Action Report: Operation Protest Pelosi

I got a late start to Ann Arbor and had to endure pre-rush hour 96E traffic. I do not suggest it.

After some mis-steps in finding my way, I hooked up with follower blogger Shell of The Conservatrarian her husband, daughter and Jean of Addison Township who I met via RightMichigan

We all piled into Shell's van with sign and flags and headed downtown. When we arrived, there was already some of Saul Anuzis's crew from Lansing. We took our position across the street from Borders Bookstore.

People made some great signs, including "I can't afford my Gas or your Book", "Liberate our Oil, my FBI-type wanted sign charging Pelosi with Obstructionist Tactics, Failure to Lead, Refusal to allow a straight up-or-down vote for off shore drilling, several signs with a take on the not so popular Pelosi book, "Abuse Your Power" and Knowing Your Failure", and a large gas can shaped sign saying, "Pitstop Pelosi, Pain the Ga$$".

More people arrived, some from the Ann Arbor area who were very happy to be in the company of fellow conservatives.

A don't-know-where-they-stand group who had a large IMPEACH sign also joined us and a man dressed in an Uncle Sam type costume who wanted to impeach everyone, Pelosi, President Bush etc. Saul said, I told them we don't want to impeach her; we just want her to bring Congress back to vote! One of them yelled back at me and said "Bush, dummy"...I said "oh"? "That's Saul, folks!"

And because this is Ann Arbor, the "usual suspects" who show up for every protest, the Israel-haters and the Impeach Bush loons were there, although small in number, four at most.

However, they were no match for our 30+ who were "loud and proud"
One woman who seemed to have just happened by, starting shouting something. However, the only thing understood was she was an Obama supporter. So I lead a "No Obama" chorus and she just went away when she realized she was no match for us.

Suddenly ominous looking grey clouds rolled in, chain lightening appeared in the sky(Nancy arriving?) However, withstanding the rainstorm, we shouted, "Drop the book, go back to work, Nancy" "Peace, Love and Gasoline", "What do we need...Oil...When do we need it...Now!" "Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less" And singing while swaying back and forth, "All we are saying is give oil a chance..."

Meanwhile upstairs in Borders, as I later learned from a reporter who interviewed me for the Ann Arbor News Ms. Pelosi was giving a speech and taking canned questions from her adoring minions.

I asked her how many were in an attendance and she said about 200. There were 400 hundred tickets available.

Kudos to my companions who braved the storm, the traffic and stood 2 1/2 hours on an Ann Arbor street, putting Nancy Pelosi on notice.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting the Speaker Pelosi know what, not just Michigan folks think, but a part of American folks thank too.

apackof2 said...

My pleasure, thanks for stopping by

Khaki Elephant said...

Great post! I first saw it on "Right Michigan," which lead me to your blog (where I found some other great stuff). Hope you don't mind if I link to the post.

apackof2 said...

Not at all
And thanks for stopping by to comment