Monday, August 25, 2008

"Hallmark" Homosexuality

Well I guess given the culture it had to happen. Surprising it took so long..however greeting card company Hallmark has decided to cater to 2% of the population with it's new line of homosexual marriage cards.

Yup that's right.

According to their website, corporate emails, and in response to phone calls, to the news, Hallmark is telling those who contact the company it will carry “cards that use specific language and images appropriate for same-sex wedding ceremonies.”

Same sex marriage is not recognized in 48 states, but Hallmark has chosen to become a corporate advocate in advancing homosexual marriage.

However, some local Hallmark store owners are refusing to carry them. Earlier this week, Jordan's Hallmark, which owns seven Hallmark Gold Crown stores in Idaho, announced its stores will not carry gay marriage cards in their stores.

Well good for Jordan's! Yup its free country, you are free to make greeting cards to celebrate abnormal immoral behavior and store owners are free to refuse to carry them and people are free to not purchase Hallmark greeting cards.

AMERICAN GREETING CARDS have no intention of selling same sex marriage cards. So if and when I buy greeting cards it will be American Greeting cards nor will I accept Hallmark greeting cards.

And if you agree with me you can urge your local Hallmark store owner to join others in refusing to carry Hallmark same-sex marriage cards in their stores.

You can find your local Hallmark store HERE

While your at it you call a Jordan's Hallmark in Idaho
Jordan's Hallmark
(208) 376-2210
Boise, ID
and thank them for standing up not only for traditional marriage but for placing principle above dollars and refusing to give in to the homosexual agenda

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