Monday, August 4, 2008

After Action Report: My Army of One Obama Protest

I arrived downtown about 8:45 am thinking I was meeting up with some other Ingham County Republicans. As it turned out for most of my Obama counter protest, I was an Army of One. However, an Army of One conservative is worth a 1000 liberals!

I parked about a block from the Lansing Center so I could walk the length of the Lansing Center holding my double-sided sign on my way to the meet up spot. The side showing to those lined up to see the "messiah" said, "NO OBAMA
Typical White Person, Will Drive an SUV, Eating as Much as I Want, Keeping My Home at 72 Degrees, Bitterly clinging to Guns and Religion The flip side said, NO OBAMA God Bless America, NOT God D*** America!
For the most part, I was greeted with disgust, puzzled or shocked looks from the faithful who couldn't believe I had the nerve to exercise my Constitutional rights!

What immediately impressed me was the lack of the "messiah's" faithful as you can see by the picture of myself in front of the Lansing Center.
Despite what you will probably hear, there were maybe a thousand attendees. Not a good showing for the "Anointed One"

On a strange side note, as I approached the Lansing Center, I saw a police cruiser on fire, completely engulfed in flames. Hmmm over excited Osama followers? The aura of the messiah himself, unable to be contained by a mere edifice?

I took up my corner sentry by the Osama trinkets stand. And was joined by one other patriot. I noticed that the were NOT doing much business. One person who seemed more interested in just talking than in the messiah's appearance approached me. In addition, I got a very caustic passing comment from a young girl wearing a peace sign T-shirt, "You're the only one! I reminded her that it's what happens in November that counts

After realizing there was not going to be a "meet up" I decided to walk back and position myself directly in front of the entrance to the Lansing Center were I was approached and interviewed by several media outlets.

A young mother and her two children carrying McCain signs joined me. Republicans in training. Her son was approached by a media person and he was asked why he came. Out of the mouths of babes came a great quote
"To be honest I don't know a lot about McCain but I know enough about Obama!"

A middle-aged black woman wearing some "Obamaware" then approached me. I had to explain to her that my sign was a take on actually Obama quotes. I got a blank look back. Which explained the puzzled looks I received earlier, that the majority of the "messiah" followers do not know much about the person they are willing to entrust the leadership of the United State to.

My continued conversation only confirmed my opinion. She said, "Obama was for change and we need change." I asked her "what change?" She was fuzzy. So I asked her how Osama was going to implement this nebulous change. Again fuzzy so she said, "Well what is McCain going to change?" I replied I asked you first, YOU tell me what Obama will change."
Blank. I replied, "You can't say because you do not know, yet you are going to vote for someone for president and you don't even know where he stands on the issues?
She then uttered the words that send a chill down my spine, "I am willing to take a chance!" Aghast, I answered; Well, I am NOT willing to take a chance with the leadership of America."

This is who will must deal with, the unconcerned, uninformed persons willing to take a chance with our country! God help us!

It has been said before but...Now is the time for all good Conservatives to come to the aid of their country!
First pray that the Lord have mercy on America and get busy!

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Shell said...

I paraded a sign across the Capitol lawn last fall when congress couldn't reach a budget without passing a tax hike...or so they thought. I was amazed how much impact my one-woman protest had!

I'm thinking about going to Ann Arbor when Nancy Pelosi shows up at Borders for her book signing. A gas can-shaped sign could be a lot of fun...

Great job!

apackof2 said...

Want some company?

floam said...

I am planning on going to Ann Arbor to protest Pelosi on 8/7 around 6 p.m. She's signing at 7 p.m. Will be coming from NE corner of Oakland county.

What's the possibility of all of us meeting in the same general area?

apackof2 said...

I moderate all my comments so post another comment with some contact information (no one will see it except me) and I'll e-mail you back and/or call you with out plans

More the merrier!