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Shenanigans in Denver

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Well the Democrat convention is shaping up nicely, should be interesting. Seems that lots of the mutinous liberal natives are restless, those who believe that the nomination was stolen from their goddess Hillary

Via a post on Politio I stumbled upon this, P.U.M.A stands for "People United Means Action!" PAC is going to do its best to make sure its heard by protesting and holding a Celebration of Hillary Clinton’s Historic Presidential Campaign which includes I kid you not,

"the lighting of candles to pay tribute to Hillary and all of her achievements, while also symbolically reigniting the flame of America’s great Democracy and Lady Liberty’s torch. Candles will Rise as participants at Cheesman Park and communities across the nation will recognize Senator Clinton’s achievements in one harmonious gesture of celebration."*

Checking their blog so you do not have to, this is well organized with headquarters in Denver. Hmm wonder where the $$$ is coming from? The recent posts from this P.U.M.A blog receive from 210-900 replies. Moreover, they claim they are 18 million strong! Sure are lots of ticked off Hillary supporters!

This PAC is so hated by their fellow Democrats there was even a plan underfoot to kill it

Plan to kill the PUMA.
Step 1 - join PUMA, send an email to
Step 2 - When you start receiving prowl info,
take note of the contact info and message
Step 3 - Contact the people they are contacting and
tell them that PUMA is a GOP swiftboat and
tell them to ignore the PUMA’s emails

Below is the Politico post, which sums up the P.U.M.A Pac mission;

Fellow Democrats: Don't be tricked by Obama and the DNC! Hillary was cheated out of the nomination during the spring. All of Hillary's votes were not counted. We are protesting the 2008 Presidential election because we refuse to support a nominee who was selected by the leadership rather than elected by the voters. Now, Obama has slapped and spit on Hillary in the face by not being gracious enough to make her even VP. Join PUMA today! We are protesting Obama's illegitimate nomination! We will NEVER forget what Obama has done to our party. The arrogant interloper has gotten the DNC to insert himself into the Democratic nominating process, even by calling Bill Clinton a racist! What lies!!!!! I am so furious at that stupid teleprompter-reading idiot!! Go Hillary 2008. Our goal: HIllary's votes must be counted! She is the REAL nominee!

Arrogant interloper?
Slapped and spit?
Stupid teleprompter-reading idiot?

Well those are certainly fighting words...we're mad as hell and they are are gonna take it anymore!

Wait there's more!

There will be no unity in the Democratic Party until the voices of the 18 million voters who support Hillary Clinton are heard and heeded. Until the voices of Pumas are once again listened to by the leadership of the Democratic party, we will be guided by that defiance. We will treat insult with uprightness and will meet disdain with disdain. (eye for an eye!)We will not be bullied, brainwashed, or bossed into falling in line.

We will have signs, buttons, stickers, t-shirts, and other PUMA Gear for you to take with you on your travels through Denver and beyond....

*MONDAY, AUGUST 25th CHEESMAN PARK - East 8th Avenue
4:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. Beautiful Protest and Rise at Cheesman Park... A (The candle lightening) Celebration of Hillary Clinton’s Historic Presidential Campaign.....

Celebrate our achievements and plan for November.

A plan for November? Hmmmm

Well I say you go P.U.M.A! I only hope that the networks give you a fair lion's share of TV face time!

Puma PAC (is a political action committee organized in June 2008. We are registered as a non-affiliated Political Action Committee (PAC) with the Federal Election Commission and have organized as a 527 Organization with the Internal Revenue Service.

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