Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Michigan Blogger "Makes" Malkin

Michigan's own investigative blogger, Jason Gillman of Michigan Taxes Too Much was linked on Michelle Malkin's blog for his piece on the real reason Nancy Pelosi wants higher gas prices;

"Pelosi, showing in her financial disclosures that in May of 2007, she purchased (on the opening public offering apparently) a substantial amount of T. Boone Pickens clean energy fuels corp, CLNE. CLNE apparently is funding a proposal in California? ..ahh the shenanigans begin!"

Once again a "mere" blogger is doing the work "p"msnbc, ABC, CBS, and various print media SHOULD be doing.

But we all know where is no media bias right? /sarcasm

However I am sure this is just the tip of the Pelosi iceberg...stay tuned and kudos to Jason!

2 comments: said...

Jason's doing awesome work. Amazing that the blogosphere continues to break this story wide open while the MSM ignores it.


apackof2 said...

Yup. Just like the media ignorned the false story about President Bush evading service in the Texas Air National Guard.
reported by Dan(what's the frequency Kenneth?)Rather until a blogger broke the story