Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bailout Online

I was at a fund raiser yesterday and the special was going to be congressman Rodgers. Of course he could not be there as he was in Washington D.C. working on the Bail out/work out bill

After speaking, congressman Rodgers took questions and I asked him,"Will House Republicans continue to hand tough and hold out for extending insurance as opposed to buying sub-prime and other credit products from Wall Street and banks.

Well the House Republicans did hang tough..

A breakthrough came when Democrats agreed to incorporate a GOP demand — letting the government insure some bad home loans rather than buy them — designed to limit the amount of federal money used in the rescue. Fox News

The proposed bill is online however because Nancy Pelosi just announced that the bill is online, there is a Net traffic jam to the site where you can read the entire proposal

Even Pelosi's site is jammed

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