Thursday, September 18, 2008

After Action Report: McCain/Palin Grand Rapids, MI

Don't you love it when a plan comes together? Well it came together for me yesterday in Grand Rapids with a once in a lifetime ringside seat at the nest president and Vice President town Talk meeting at Ford Field house. I arrived around 5:00pm with my VIP ticket in hand (thanks Eileen:-) this put me in the smaller and faster moving VIP line.

A large crowd waiting outside, including the "usual suspect" protestors, college kids, anti-war, old hippies etc. screaming out. Since I had brought signs I took a front line position and countered with my UAW Supporters for McCain-Palin, chanting "American workers for McCain-Palin" which as you can imagine whipped them up to a frenzy. Illustrated by the girl in the picture, who almost came over the barricade. Security was tight with barricades separating the attendees from the protestors and with this group, it was probably necessary.
VIP ticket holders at this point were ushered to the balcony. After sitting for a while, I notice a lone seat, on the floor, second row that was vacant. Figuring what I have to lose, I made my way down and claimed the seat. About 4 ft from where Senator McCain and Governor Palin would speak and answer questions. Yeah me!

Then the music starting playing, Senator McCain, and Govenor Palin entered the building to wild applause. I was about to witness the "Palin effect" first hand as shouts of "Sarah, Sarah!" filled the Field house. I have never seen Govenor Palin in person however I will say that she is an extremely attractive slender woman dressed in a form-fitting suit with pumps (bye bye pantsuits!)

After speaking, questions were taken from the audience. This was a true Town Talk meeting as questions were randomly taken. Questions ranged from, drilling for oil, health care, Russia. My question was co-opted by a gentleman who asked Senator McCain,"Govenor Palin said she is working on you about drilling in ANWAR, how successful has she been? It brought a laugh with McCain admitting she has and then said,"This town hall meeting is adjourned."

There were a couple of surprises appearances. One was Governor Palin's husband, Todd who judging by later comments from some of the ladies in the audience I spoke with, is now sharing the title of "Artic Fox" with his wife. The other was from a questioner, a self-proclaimed member of P.U.M.A, wearing a "Democrats for McCain" T-shirt. I blogged about P.U.M.A. about a month ago here Shenanigans in Denver. This is well funded, (Hillary & co?) large group of virulent Hillary supporters that consider "the messiah" to be "an arrogant interloper, a stupid teleprompter-reading idiot, with his illegitimate nomination! We will NEVER forget what Obama has done to our party." P.U.M.A. promised a "big surprise" in November. I believe we saw a glimpse of that surprise, millions of P.U.M.A. members voting for McCain. Take that DNC!

Governor Palin, when both speaking and taking questions was confident, poised, and impassioned. John McCain was well John McCain however he appears to be energized by the "Palin effect" himself
As Governor Palin helps him to retain and resurrect his beloved "maverick" image and gives him a partner in pursing reform and fighting pork barrel.

However the highlight of my evening was when, already being with feet of Govenor Palin, I made by way (was that me shoving the annoying AP photographer out of my "path to Palin?") Gov. Palin loved and signed my" Sisterhood of Sarah" T-shirt. Insert here shameless promotion of my "Sisterhood of Sister" Store. Featuring clothes, buttons, bumper stickers, coffee mugs, and other item with the Sisterhood of Sarah logo. I will make a donation with proceeds from sales to the National Association of Down Syndrome in honor of Governor Palin's youngest son, Trig.

My first hand overall impression last night was that Senator McCain has made a brilliant choice for his running mate and that people absolutely LOVE Governor Palin. She has become the missing piece to the McCain campaign's formula to win the White House.

It was wonderful night and a great night for McCain/Palin


Jason Gillman said...

Awesome Photos and story!! Whoo Hoo!!!

I Still cannot believe how revved I am about this ticket.. Not Normal for me.. not at all..

apackof2 said...

The "Palin effect" is truly amazing. I believe that when John McCain picked Sarah Palin he won the election

Kristin said...

Love the pics and the report! Great job Joanie!

apackof2 said...

Hey Kristin!

Same place, different time but let's party at the Inauguration Washington D.C., Janauary 2009!


Sisterhod of Sarah!