Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Detroit Free Press Editor Stacks the Deck with Liberals

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Another example of liberal media bias has been exposed. Fox News reports that Detroit Free Press editor Randy Essex stacked the deck with "left-wing and anti-war activists in a focus group of so-called independent voters that the newspaper interviewed during the political conventions,"

Included were "two members of the anti-war group CodePink..including Joellen Gilchrist, who runs a chapter of CodePink,— as well as two other liberal activists... Ilene Beninson, who once joined anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan in a hunger strike." The so-called independents " included George Lentz and Jan Wheelock. Lentz has publicly opposed the war in Iraq and run a petition drive to help defeat Michigan anti-gay marriage legislation. Wheelock is a member and donor to the East Michigan Environmental Action Council, along with Gilchrist."

This so called "unbiased" focus group praised Barack Obama after his Democratic presidential nomination acceptance speech. And one week later blasted Sarah Palin's acceptance speech.

Furthermore, Detroit Free Press editor Randy Essex said he" didn’t see the harm in having a 'radical leftist or two' in the group."

I wonder if Rancdy Essex saw harm in including a pro-life activist or a NRA member? Obviously as the make-up of this so-called independent voters was over 60% Democrats and radical liberal activists.

Of course how many of us are truly surprised?


E-Mail him and ask if "Can I be in your next "independent voters " group?"
I just did. Oh and for good measure I included the link to my blog post http://apackof2-theworldaccordingtome.blogspot.com/2008/09/unbiased-rag-stacks-deck-with-liberals.ht ml
Randy Essex, Asst. managing editor/politics ressex [at] freepress.com

Tue Sep 09, 2008 at 10:24:38 AM EST

It's not billed in the paper or freep.com as an independent voters group, and if you live in Michigan and are sincerely interested, yes, you are welcome to participate.
We want a full range of viewpoints, as foxnews.com quoted me as saying.
Randy Essex
Assistant managing editor
Detroit Free Press

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