Friday, September 12, 2008

Condensing Chaz

"Chaz"Charlie Gibson's condensing, disrespectful interview disguised as "hard hitting" by the liberal media with Sarah Palin starts with Chaz "instructing" Sarah about the VP job. Chaz also can't seem to get it through his head that Sarah didn't bat an eyelash when asked by John McCain to be his running mate. I guess Chaz doesn't know any confident decisive women.

The rest of the interview is designed to either trip up or embarrass Palin with the obligatory liberal disdain for any indication that a political figure relies on their Christan faith for wisdom or guidance thrown in for good measure. Big surprise huh?

And once again Sarah Palin is subjected to intense dismissive scrutiny by the liberal press that PRESIDENTIAL candidate, Barack (Barry)Obama has yet to receive.

However, Sarah-cuda the Artic Fox is up to the task

But judge for yourself:

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