Monday, September 8, 2008

Sarah gets a bounce and then some

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I just heard a VERY interesting tidbit of news on Fox News. The latest Gallup Poll has McCain 50% to "the messiah" 46%.

Big (Sarah) convention bounce however the BIG news buried inside this info is that an element that Barry's campaign
always pointed out, was that the poling on who Americans thought was best able to handle the economy always favored Barry 19%.
No more, THAT number has dramatically dropped to 3%!

Ha! Wait till Americans can get more of Sarah!
She will interviewed by Charlie Gibson, Fox continues to play Greta's show about Sarah, CNN is playing her debate with the boys when she was running for governor (be afraid Biden, be very afraid) she is due on Meet the Press and of course she's on the campaign trail continuing to draw thousands!!!!!!

The left is so desperate because they just don't know to counter the juggernaut of Sarah, they have operatives in Alaska trying to dig up any dirt. The latest act of desperation is chasing down a "rumor" that Sarah cheated when she won the beauty contest. Yeah because she is so unattractive and untalented LOLOL!

Oh btw there is a blogger on Fox right now and they are acknowledging how us bloggers have affected news, and how its reported because bloggers are now scooping the media on stories! :-) Speaking of bloggers...separating fact from fiction on Sarah Palin HERE

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