Saturday, September 6, 2008

After Action Report: McCain/Palin Sterling Heights MI Rally

Straight Talk Express Rolls into Macomb County (w/Pictures)
By RightMacomb, Section News
Posted on Sat Sep 06, 2008 at 09:05:50 AM EST

The rally was huge and received great coverage in the local press. But, with their pictures you cannot appreciate the size of this the rest of the story and see more pictures, HERE on RightMichigan

I also received this report from two friends of mine who attended the rally;

We attended the rally yesterday at Freedom Hill. It was unbelievable and so encouraging. We sat on stage behind Senator McCain and Governor Palin and we were not allowed to take pictures from that angle. It did allow us to view the audience.

It was an overflowing house.....all seats were filled, the grassy area was full right back to the fence, people were sitting in the aisles. We were able to view all of the wonderful signs----Democrats 4 McCain, Special Needs Moms for McCain/Palin, Hockey Moms for McCain/Palin, Drill Baby Drill, Vets for McCain, Viva McCain, Sisters for McCain & God Bless America and many, many more.

There were many Veterans in the group, recognized and greeted enthusiastically by the crowds. Besides the nuns (Sisters for McCain & God Bless America sings) who stood out among the huge numbers, I noticed a huge number of young and younger people. My guess is that the 49 and under age group made up 55% of the crowd. This is encouraging.

Young men and women, young Moms & Dads, young professionals, all nationalities. It was an awesome sight. Sorry we didn't get any pics of our candidates but it was a great experience to see the crowds, read their signs and watch their faces as our candidates entered, spoke, mingled and departed. Absolutely outstanding.

Jean W.
McCain/Palin 2008

From Linda C.

We got their very late, however it was packed! We had to walk quite a distance from our car. The crowd was really pumped up and it was awesome!

Go McCain/Palin!

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