Saturday, September 27, 2008

John MCain Rocks the Debate

If you didn't see it, John McCain rocked the debate last night, despite the many "Obamaruptions" showing "Professor Obama" to be a dangerous neophyte when it comes to foreign policy.
McCain is like Chuck Norris, he's been everywhere!

Was it just me or did you find "Professor Obama" lectures on foreign policies, desperately tiring to convince voters on how much he knows tiresome?

However, I had to hang in there because I am on the Detroit Free Press Voter Panel giving my opinion on the debates that are published in the paper and online.

If you recall I blogged about how the editor of the Free Press stacked the deck of the voter panel with left-wing and anti-war activists like Code Pink members which made the make up of the panel over 60% Democrats as reported by
Fox News

Of course the published comments to the Freep were overwhelming pro-Obama.

So I decided to e-mail the editor with the link to my blog challenging him to include me in his "balanced" voter panel.

And after being outed, he invited me to be on the voter panel and so I am.

My aim is not to comment but to raise questions in the mind of voters about Obama's rhetoric vs reality.

Next debate, Palin vs Biden October 2, 2008
The pitbull with lipstick vs the human gaffe machine

Should be fun!

P.S. Credit where credit is due, "Obamaruptions" was coined by a poster on RedState decribing the many interruptions Obama made when John McCain was speaking.

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