Thursday, September 4, 2008

"I was no longer my own man, I was my country's"

I just finished listening to John McCain's acceptance speech. Of course I wondered if he could possibly complete with the awesome speech of his running mate Sarah Palin.

Although his delivery wasn't as charismatic as his running mate, John McCain delivered a thoughtful speech of fighting for America and Americans with an emphasis on selfless service for country.

The story of his imprisonment and abuse in Viet Nam and the maturity and deep love of country that came of that makes Obama in comparison a pampered, petulant man-child.

For those of those who are not familiar with John McCain, this speech presented him as an experienced, mature, tested man committed to shaking up the status quo of Washington (including chiding his own party as an appeal to independents) with a return to integrity,cutting pork barrel, cutting taxes with an Reaganesque unabashed pride in America.

But equally important he was.... likable.... to me and judging by the reception to his speech other conservatives as well.

Together with Sarah Palin's speech, tonight I believe John McCain has brokered a peace within the party and brought all Republicans together for a common cause, defeating Barack Obama.


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